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A day in Orchard @ Sungai Ara

We have an opportunity for a short getaway in a little orchard at Sungai Ara during durian festive sessions, be prepared to be flooded with the moments captured by Mystery Man and I.

The dog guarding the durian, you shall feel the wrath if you take the durian without owner's permission

It is not just an orchard but it was a mini farm packed with different livestock!

The cock that eat durian
The dog that love durian

Why give me the sorry look?

The not so friendly dog.

Pug looking dog looks so fierce from far, but he is the most friendly among all.

Secret affair spotted on the roof.

Shirleen with her favourite durian.
The anti-durian Mystery Man forced to take photo with durian.
Opening during session begin now. wuhoo~

~Thanks for viewing, happy durian festival~

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