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Vegetarian Cafe: Cloud Dreaming Vegan Cafe @ Sungai Ara, Penang

The cafe in Penang has been mushrooming in an uncontrolled manner, we would say it reach the stage of over growing. Vegetarian Cafe would be something you rarely see. Due to the challenge of no egg, no dairy and no honey can be used in the making of coffee and cake, I thought Cloud cafe did a spectacular job on taking up this challenge with their opening last year. They share the same management with Sushi Kitchen. With the Cafe just at the downstairs of Sushi Kitchen, you are allowed to cross order their cakes. The setting were simple with little compartment that give you the little privacy to ho-ha with your buddies. However, I felt a little warm in the compartment probably due to the air conditioning issue. The lady who served us was friendly and attentive. Every dish she serve, she patiently explained to us what are the ingredients they have used.

Organic Special Blend Coffee (RM 15), the decaffeinate coffee for those who love coffee but their body just cant cope with caffeine. They have added the special herb into the coffee to reduce the caffeine, thus you may find the flavor herb-by. Due to the heat coming from the coffee, the chocolate has melted to add some hint of sweetness to the coffee.

Mangosteen (RM 10) quite similar to cider, good for digestion.

Prune Drink (RM 7)

From left to right: Apple Chocolate Cake, Cheese Cake and Blueberry Chocolate cake.

Cheese Cake with fresh strawberry juice (RM 15). They have blended cashew nuts and lemon to create the cheesy greasy texture, with thick salty base. We hardly can tell this is vegan cake.

Apple Chocolate Cake (RM 10) was dry to my liking, however the moist cream and diced apple have given the cake a helping hand.

Burger Set (RM 10) came with charcoal bread and abalone mushroom as patty. Mushrooms were deep fried with their own made powder. It has never came across my mind that mayonnaise was vegetarian. It is made of dairy and egg. Thus, they have brilliantly duplicate the mayonnaise texture and sour taste with soy milk. 

Cloud Dreaming Vegan Cafe
2-1, Jalan Sungai Ara 1, Desa Ara, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
(604)-685 0625/(6012)-487 5530
Operation Hours: 3pm - 10pm (Closed on Tuesday)

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