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Restoran KSB Cahaya / Mee Abu @ Georgetown, Penang

People staying at Penang has little to worry about should they get hungry at night due to the mushrooming of 24 hours Mamak stalls here. Being a Penangnite, I have too dine out during odd hours countless times at various Mamak stalls. Nevertheless, it is such shameful that I am not aware there is such a decent mamak restaurant located at Lorong Macalister, until I randomly saw this Mamak restaurant on internet recently - Restaurant KSB Cahaya, or some people known it as Mee Abu. It was never too late, as I organized my stomach with a less calories dinner so I will be yearning for supper later.

It is speculated that Mee Abu inherited this name as their previous location has a graffiti wording "Abu".

Roti Hong Kong
Signature maggi goreng
Maggi Goreng Ayam
Maggi Goreng Biasa
Our favorite in mamak stall always had been Maggi Goreng. You could either pick Maggi Goreng Ayam (RM5.70) or Maggi Goreng biasa (RM4.00). Frankly speaking, the fried chicken ain't great and I suggest you could give it a skip but I would say their maggi goreng is awesome, and definitely suit my taste well. Topped with a sunny side up, the maggi goreng has a little spicy and tingling sensation, and this calls for the differentiation with others. 

Their noodle is slightly on a soft side to my liking. Nevertheless there is nothing wrong with that, as I have an odd taste of liking a harder and spongy noodles. 

Fried rice (RM4.00) is just mediocre. The taste is a little plain and the sambal provided is well used to spice it up. 

Restaurant KSB Cahaya offers an extensive ranges of roti canai with funny names - Roti Abu, Roti Hong Kong, Roti Chelsea, Roti Tokyo and others which I could not recall. The picture above is Roti Abu (RM6.00). It is something like murtabak, well grilled with chicken slices stuffed in between the thin flour bed. Topped with mayonnaise and some raisins, it is unlikely you will find this anywhere else in Malaysia. 

I was attracted by the name Roti Hong Kong (RM5.00). It appears to be something similar to a Western style breakfast then. Pieces of toast and hotdog topped with chilli sauce, mayonnaise, half melted cheese and an egg concealed in the condiments, offering little surprises as compared to its name. I was confused why this was named after Hong Kong, perhaps Hong Kong people loves to eat toast and half boiled egg?

Milo Dinosaur
Horlicks Dinosaur
Milo Dinosaur (RM2.70) and Horlicks Dinosaur (RM2.70) are available here. Dinosaur literally means an exorbitant amount of the drink powder is being used to topped the drink, rendering the drink possess strong smell of either Milo or Horlicks as your pick. Milo Dinosaur is good but it appears they have a vision to create a diabetic world with their Horlicks Dinosaur.

You will remember the boss for lifetime if you witness how he does the calculation on the total cost to pay as he is just way too funny.

Restoran KSB Cahaya / Mee Abu @ Georgetown, Penang
Lorong Macalister, 11400, Georgetown, Penang
Operation hours: 5pm - 5am Daily

Location map refers here.

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