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Queens Hall @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

Last month, Queensbay Mall's food court has eventually launched after 7 months of renovation, named as Queens Hall. I remember I used to love the nasi kunyit and its awesome sambal there. Now, there are a lot of changes in this new foodie center. The interior design greatly exuding the Penang's cultures but incorporating the modern aspect. The concept is quite similar to Lot 10 Hutong in KL, collecting the great local street food, then offering the patrons to dine in under comfy environment at one place.

Dry Chili Pan Mee (RM 6.90) from Uncle Kin's Chili Pan Mee at the Room of Containers. I always think that any food with a soft boiled egg topped looks intriguing. Especially for dry pan mee, the sinful runny yolk has heighten the pan mee taste with the condiments of anchovies and deep fried shallots. We didn't add on a lot of chili flakes as we don't want the spiciness take over the original flavor. If you love the challenge, feel free to customize the spicy level accordingly. 

Hotplate Mushroom Chicken Yee Mee with egg (RM 9). It wasn't much to wow for this dish but we had a really bad experience during our order. 

It is really normal to find food stalls in food court operated by foreign worker. The attitude of this Sizzling stall is particularly laid back. First, we glance through the menu and we picked the special one which is something called crispy chicken chop with yee mee. The name kinda long so we just told him number 13 (the number from menu) for the ease of him taking order. The guy just replied us: "tell us what is it, I don't know what is no. 13". Alright, we read out the whole name and he asked for RM 9.90 so I handed him RM 10. He then said:"Pay me exactly RM 9.90". At that moment I have no coin at all, deep in my heart cursing what-the-hell. He explained me that the person in charge the cashier wasn't around and he has no idea on how to operate the damn machine. 

Thus, I gave in and planning on picking some sushi from the sushi stall next to it so that I can get some change. While I was picking sushi, they shouted me that the cashier guy has back. Fine, so I went back to pay. At that moment I wasn't aware they placed the wrong order, I have to say that it was part of my fault that I did not check the receipt. I then proceed to my sushi order. While paying the sushi, the sizzling guy again shouted at me that my meal is ready. Thus, I asked them to wait me a while. When I was done which just about 2 minutes pass, my noodle were already handed to another customer so I have to wait for another 5 minutes again.

Sushi (RM 8)

Non-vege Set Meal (RM 12) from Karaikudi Indian Spice at Room of Medicine Box. Very similar to banana leaf, white rice side with 3 kinds of vegetables and chips. 3 bowls of curry to glaze on your white rice which I find the curry rather plane for me. Curry chicken was just fine.

Pad Thai came with the condiments of chili flake and peanut flakes. This reminds me of the usual 4 condiments on table we used to find in Thailand. The overall tasted quite similar to the one you find in Thailand

White Tom Yam with white rice.
Red Tom Yam with white rice
Ayam Kuning Rice set

Level 3, Queensbay Mall, 100, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Operation Hours: 10: 30 am to 10: 30 pm (Daily)

Location map to Queensbay Mall refers here.

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  1. I still prefer chili pan mee as always, taste great with reasonable price :D

    1. Yup it is nice. Not easy to find a decent pan mee in Penang.