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Purrfect Cat Cafe @ Jalan Muntri, Penang

Cat Cafe? You might thought this could be the cafe with lotsa puffy cat toys. Nope! There are real cats in the house. The cafe tucked within the vicinity filled with guesthouse. When we walked in, we were surprised there were only cat merchandise at the ground floor. In order to visit their cats, each person has to spend minimum RM 18.90 to go up second floor, thus the cashier suggested us take their Purrfect Set Promo. Before we went up, we were ensured that we read the house rules. First thing first, wash your hand before you touch the cats.

We thought this Cafe particularly stand out because they have real cats in the house, however the food and drink wise still has room for improvement.

Remarks: Purfect Cafe Cafe has since ceased operation

Cake Purrfect Promo Set (RM 19.60) came with the cake of your choice and champagne or float. We opted for Double Cheese Cake and Champagne. The cake was rather spongy than the expected cheesy texture. We could hardly realize the presence of the greasy cheese. Champagne was the kind of sweet sparkling juice, very chilling since the cafe's ambiance was quite humid.

Snack Purrfect Promo Set (RM 19.60), you get to choose either egg rollie & coffee of your choice, or french fries & fruit mix of your choice. We chose the before. 2 egg rollie with sausage wrapped within, we believe they are made from the popular rollie eggmaker. No surprise for their Mocha.

Purrfect Cat Cafe launched by Penang Chief Minister.

House rules to play with their cats
Cat charts, but only find 5 cats there.

We were quite unlucky as their cats were hibernating mode most of the time. One of the house rules was that we should not disturb the cats while they are sleeping. Therefore, we just enjoy our moment snapping their sleeping looks. No jumping and playing among themselves. While they awake, it appeared they do not really like the touching of strangers. More cats photo will be shared in separate post soon.

Cat merchandise at ground floor.

Purrfect Cat Cafe
53, Lebuh Muntri, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
+604- 2611 197
Operation hours: 10 am - 9:30 pm (Daily)

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