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Lunarich @ Gurney Paragon

I have heard of friends mentioning about Lunarich when they first opened its outlet at Paragon Penang but I was a little bit drew back as I heard the prices are slightly on a higher side. Serving authentic Italian food, the price is nevertheless fair as Italians are renowned to take their food very seriously (New Delhi Television Limited, 2015). Italian food is greatly influenced by its history and cultural dated from the 4th Century BC, and cheese is regarded as part of their staple food then. Italian food are usually circled amongst Pizza, Risotto and Pasta, and I have found a better way to remember them by giving them an acronym PRP.

Note: If I am correct, Lunarich currently operate 2 outlets in Malaysia and both are in Penang at One Precinct and Gurney Paragon.

Spaghetti al nero di seppia

The extensive menu made us hovering on what to pick amongst PRP until we finally settled down for Spaghetti al nero di seppia (RM33.00). It is one of the spaghetti that went viral some time ago due to its black colour derived from squid ink sauce.

The spaghetti is garnished with arugula and flying fish roe, which helped to groom the all dark spaghetti to something better in appearance as people tend to be daunted by dark colored food. A fair to middling amount of squid ink sauce is provided to dampen the cuttlefish and smooth spaghetti, imparted an elusive yet decent smell to the dish. I personally find adding squid ink sauce to spaghetti is an incredible idea as conventional spaghetti always utilise tomatoes or cheese to heighten the taste. Nevertheless, Shirleen seems to a little bit recede over dish as she is quite particular about the seafood smell. 

Please do rinse your mouth after finish this dish, or else you will become a laughing stock whenever you smile but not due to your adorable smile :)

Lunarich's specialities would be their Italian Pizza. The pizzas here are made of hand made dough, contain low fat and use new trend fire pot pizza to direct heat wave it. We tried Rucola Special (RM43.00), which uses tomato sauce as a base with mozzarella cheese, cherry tomato, grana panado, arugula/rocket and Prosciutto Di Parma). The highlight will be their paper thin like pizza skin, equivalent to Olympic gymnast legend Nadia Comăneci whom could bend her body as if the bone does not exist. 

At the same time, though mozzarella cheese is added but the cheesy taste was just adequate and one will not feel jelak (nauseating). A generous amount of Prosciutto Di Parma (ham) topping the pizza served the taste well, in particular the ham is slightly salted. The home made dough indeed make a difference when the flour taste is almost undetectable. 

Heat is continuously provided to maintain the pizza on its excellent freshness.

We were introduced to try pineapple drink (RM10), which carries a different name but it turned out to be a normal soda lime. Should have skip it and order coffee instead.

Lunarich Restaurant
Llot 2.33 & L2.A2a
Level 2, Gurney Paragon Mall, 10250, Penang.
Tel: 04-228 7153

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