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Laksa @ Mekong Kopitiam, Relau, Penang

With the recommendation by my colleagues, we drop by Mekong Kopitiam during lunch hour. The coffee shop can be easily recognized, located at the central zone of the shop lots in front Bukit Jambul Complex, just next to Da Ma Chai. Inside the coffee shop, you will find lotsa foodies such as chicken rice, fried rice and the list go on. Nonetheless, I find the laksa here worth coming back for. While looking back my pictures, I just realized their stall labeled as Penang Road Laksa. If I have realized that, I would have asking them on why they name that.

Updated on June 1st, 2015.

If you have to compare with Penang Road's Famous Laksa, this version would be least spicy and the soup on the lighter side. I love both version. The laksa broth remain clear even with shredded fish added. The freshness from the mint leaf empowered even more with the fresh pineapple and salad vege uncle have used. 

Fried Popiah never goes wrong with laksa, provided the popiah has to be great. The freshness of yambean with a hint of saltiness, compliment with the crunchy skin makes it a great side dish or for dipping in the laksa soup.

My great colleague empathy the uncle and the young lady's busyness preparing laksa so she cut the popiah herself.

On separate visit, we realized there is a Vietnam stall hidden inside the coffee shop, just next to the drink stall. We ordered Bun Thit Nuong which is one of the popular Vietnam noodle ate in cold. Ricer vermicelli came with pickled carrot, salad vege, peanut and mint leaf. We particularly favor the char-siew-like roasted pork. Nicely grilled by not loosing its moisture nor charred the surface. Our second love was their egg roll which we thought looks similar to lobak but scrumptious in its own way. Just like soba, the vermicelli came with sauce but it is fish chili sauce. Douse the sauce bit by bit into the bowl and stir the vermicelli so that it is fully coated with sauce. Then experience the exciting effect of sweet, salty and sour having fun with your tongue.

If you are looking for rice dish, try out their Com Suon (RM 6). Boldly marinated pork rib grilled to perfection, sided with steam egg and pickled carrot. Of course, garlic chili sauce is a must to ornament.

During another visit, I was yearning for warm soup as the weather was gloomy. Thus I go for noodle soup, the Hu Tieu Nam Yang (RM 5). Vietnam's rice noodle are much slimmer and flatter. The soup came with rish ball, prawn and beef slices, so as some green. I was delighted they have given a quarter slice of lime, giving the soup extra fresh touch. The broth was much towards the sweet side but not the artificial way. 

Mekong Kopitiam
No.8 M-G , Janlan Tun Dr.Auang Bukit Jambul , 11900 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Laksa Operation hours: 9 am - 6 pm
Landmark: Bukit Jambul Complex, next to Damacai
Location map refers here.

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