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Lai Farlim Hokkien Mee 来发林福建面 @ Farlim, Penang

Though hokkien mee, or some known as prawn mee should be a representative dish of Penang but it was such a shameful that I have to rely on non-Penang bloggers to get know this hokkien mee. The reason is this hokkien mee stall is located at a somehow hidden place in Farlim, and not much people would really go there anyhow. Nevertheless, the mission still remains the same, i.e. hunting nice food right?

Updated: The stall has moved to Dhoby Ghout 洗布桥 hawker centre

Being a hokkien mee fanatic, I group the hokkien mee I have tried into 2 groups:

1) the one with heavy umami taste and very likely you have to order 2 glasses of water after that
2) the strong scented prawn soup

This bowl of hokkien mee  (RM 4.50 - without sio bak; RM 6.50 - with sio bak) actually belongs to the latter group, with a strong scented prawn smell assayed from the soup. This should be the authentic version of hokkien mee, and it really tops of the list of my favourite hokkien mee after I have been here. In fact, the addition of chilli may alter the taste and shed off the authentic prawn taste.

The was nothing much to yearn for the sio bak as it lacks the consistency and crispiness which should be possessed by nice good sio bak.

The lor mee (RM 4.50) was served nice in terms of appearance and I was a little bit reluctant to destroy the great look of it as depicted on the first picture by stirring it. After my magic hand works, it turned to the second picture then, Haha! The lor mee was just mediocre though, and I have requested extra garlic to enhance the taste. 

I have to say the portion is rather small for a price RM4.50 and even two bowls could hardly satisfy my stomach needs. The hygiene is questionable as well, as during our dine in there were hordes of flying termites.

The stall is tucked in between a small alley between 2 flats and there is no proper coffee shop. Who cares then when the hokkien mee tasted nice? 

Lai Farlim Hokkien Mee @ Farlim, Penang 
Jalan Semarak Api, 11500, Bandar Baru Air Itam, Penang
Operation hours: 5pm -11pm (Closed on Sunday)

Location map refers here.

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