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Koay Teow Theng @ Kafe Evergreen, Hutton Lane, Penang

We may have passed through Hutton Lane multiple times, but we were not aware of this inconspicuous cafe on the right hand side of Hutton Lane selling Koay Teow Theng, only. A history of 60 years palisaded this bowl of Koay Teow Theng, witnessing the changes of Georgetown from a port town to a city which just conferred the city status by the King of Malaysia.


A classic bowl of koay teow theng (RM4.00 - small ; RM5.00 - medium, RM6.00 - large), it has the conventional ingredients such as fish balls and a generous quantity of chicken slices, garnished with shallots leaves and garlic flakes. The exorbitant of garlic flakes bestowed a nice flavor to the soup, though rendering the soup a tad oily and muddy appearance. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it well.

I opt for the Koay Teow Theng without innards as I am not a great fan for innards.

It has been a practise since my secondary school to add the chilis to the soup, and adjust the taste of the soup accordingly to my preference using soy sauce and pepper provided.

They have just moved to Kafe Evergreen approximately 10 years ago and previously they were selling at a back alley just within the vicinity of Hutton Lane. The regulars would have known this place well.

Koay Teow Theng @ Kafe Evergreen, Penang
11, Hutton Lane, 10050, Georgetown, Penang
Operation hours: 7am - 1:30pm (Closed on Wednesday)

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