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International High Tea Buffet @ Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Penang

Last month has been a month of Buffet Marathon for me, I felt like I am going to suffer over weight very soon. Mystery Man knows that I am yearning for buffet indulgence with him, especially International high tea. He saw Evergreen hotel is having Groupon offers for their high tea buffet which only available during weekend. We thought this could be a great dating venue for us.

We made reservation one week in advance. The Saturday we dine in, I just showed them my voucher using Groupon mobile apps. I was mislead by the Groupon's quote printed in the voucher saying: "Save a tree, use our mobile app" , thinking that I did a favor for the earth by saving one piece of paper. However, the redemption condition mentioned that I must have the voucher printed for their record. First, we were asked to look around Pulau Tikus for printing shop to print out our voucher. Then, we insisted they help us print out the voucher and we don't mind to pay. In the end, they gave in and let us dine in. After the meal, we were lead to their office to have the voucher printed. Overall, we were satisfied on the overall dining experience and customer service except at the very beginning.

Tips for Groupon buyers, read the redemption conditions properly. Best still you print out the voucher in hard copy to save you the trouble.

Evergreen's International high tea was more like the mixture of Malaysian, Japanese and Western cuisine with the extensive choice of dessert. In other words, it is more like lunch + high tea kind of buffet. Unlike the usual Evergreen lunch buffet hour, weekend high tea allows you to enjoy from 12pm until 3pm.

The array of food offered was quite limited comparing to some international buffet but sufficient to cover crucial elements. We were expecting more choices on the sushi corner. Nevertheless, the dessert corner was amusing with the wonderful cakes, pudding, ice kacang and ice cream. Taste wise we find the whole thing mediocre though.

Dessert is something should not be missed during high tea. Besides the comprehensive choice of cakes and puddings, there are ice cream and the local specialty of Ice Kacang too. We thought we gonna die due to diabetes.

Salad Bar

Bread and banquette with oven to bake.

Malaysian and Western Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine
Penang's Rojak, the local fruit salad with shrimp paste.

Coffee and tea corner.

Penang's Laksa was a great disappointment, the soup was dull and merely spicy.

Asparagus Cream Soup

Ice Cream with greedy topping and chocolate sauce.
Own-made Affogato, by pouring Espresso onto peanut butter ice cream. It was surprising good, sweet but with mild bitterness aftertaste.

Evergarden @ Evergreen Hotel Penang
1st Floor, 53 Persiaran Gurney 10250 Penang Malaysia
+604 2229988 #2819

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Executive Buffet Lunch (Mon - Fri): RM 61
12 pm - 2 pm

Semi Buffet Lunch (Mon - Fri): RM 45
12 pm - 2.30 pm

International Hi-Tea (Sat & Sun): RM 75
12 pm - 3 pm

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