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Hot Bowl White Curry Mee @ Jalan Rangoon, Penang

Hot Bowl white curry mee has been at Lorong Abu siti for some time since I was a secondary school student. I used to come here a few times for a nice bowl of curry mee, and those scenes could only be reminiscent after I went to university and worked at other states.  After back to Penang, I was surprised to see the shop has closed then. It was such a sorrow moment for me then as I really loved the curry mee here. Luckily my friend informed me it just moving to the next lane at Jalan Rangoon and will be opening soon. 
Ipoh hor fun + chicken

White curry mee
The curry mee (RM4.50) is white in colour as the name suggests and it comes with the regulars such as cuttlefish, bean curd puffs (tau fu pok) and cockles (you can choose to opt out certain ingredients depending on your preference). It does seem appealing in the taste but the story is different if you add the legendary chilli paste. The chilli paste is available on each of your table and feel free to top up any amounts you like.

Hola! The transformation is done and there comes a reddish colour of curry mee. It emits a strong essence of curry taste and a pleasant aroma, with the spiciness level can be adjusted depending on the amount of chilli paste you have added. Beware though as too much of the chilli paste may cause choking as it is real spciy! That is why they named it Hot Bowl! 

The distance between Ipoh and Penang have made near with the availability of Ipoh Hor Fun + deboned chicken (RM5.00) here. Nevertheless, the hor fun still has a lot to catch up to Ipoh's standard and the soup tasted plain as well. On the other hand, the deboned chicken is tender and smooth. The sesame oil also enhanced the taste greatly and did not overwhelm the nature taste of the deboned chicken.

The usual chicken rice chilli sauce is available as well for dipping the deboned chicken. What I meant is not dipping the whole chicken into the above bottle of chilli sauce though! 

It is a self order shop, which means you have to walk to the far end of the shop to place an order here. I am helding back to revisit this Hot Bowl White Curry Mee despite its great taste as I have been treated in an unsatisfactory manner by the white shirt boss. When I was holding the menu and read out the items to order, he could snatch the menu away from my hand to have a look at what I have mentioned. Then he appeared grumpy when I asked him on the operation hours and reluctantly point to the operation written somewhere on the menu. I agree to a certain extent that customers are not always right but what I have done to be suffer emotionally when I dine at your place?

"You may have a bad day, but I do not deserve to be ill-treated by you." 

Hot Bowl White Curry Mee @ Jalan Rangoon
58C, Jalan Rangoon, 10400, Georgetown, Penang
Operation hours: 8am - 3pm (Closed on Monday)
Tel: 016-417 9821 (Ho Peng Song) / 04-2273168

Location map refers here.

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