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Halal Steamboat Delivery by Bamboo Catering

Antecedently, one has to go through the hassle procuring fresh ingredients from markets, preparing the soup to devise for the pleasurable steamboat moments at home. One is not spared from the traffic congestion, difficulties looking for a parking lot or contending with crowd of people if the steamboat meal is arranged at anywhere in the town. Presently, Bamboo Catering, the professional catering service has made steamboat catering with your family or friends convenient with a few clicks online or a call 24 hours before your event, with a relatively inexpensive price.

Bamboo Catering (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a Penang based halal catering company and has its reputation built since 1988. They offer catering service to events and steamboat delivery service to your doorstep by engaging TAQBIN's special chiller van services, maintaining the quality and freshness of the ingredients. Presently the steamboat delivery service is available at Penang, Kedah, Ipoh, KL, Johor.

Remarks: Thanks to Bamboo Catering for extending this invitation 

You may choose your preferred hours for delivery (8am - 2pm; 12pm - 3pm; 3pm - 6pm; 6pm - 9pm)  and TAQBIN delivery truck will come to your doorstep on time with a nicely sealed parcel. We were excited as this is the first times we received such a big parcel with only food contained! 

Quality control has been conducted with the seal on the parcel

Stacking all the steamboat ingredients and condiments to a mountain base. Unwrapping them one by one is another exciting moment.
The ingredients were all sealed in the container. Red and green colored seal to differentiate between meat and vegetable based container respectively.
The steamboat package offered us was the RM 299 package for 10 people and it comes with the following ingredients. Nevertheless, I would say the ingredients provided will be able to fulfil the growling stomach for approximately 12 people, provided there is no Patrick Bertoletti (American competitive eater) in the table.

  • Fresh white prawn ~ 15 nos
  • Fresh fish fillet ~ 500gm
  • Fresh squid ~ 500gm
  • Mince chicken meat ~ 400gm
  • Filement stick ~ 1 packet
  • Square seafood toufoo ~ 15 nos
  • Salmon ball ~ 15 nos
  • Cheese Fish Ball ~ 15 nos
  • Hock Chew chicken Ball ~ 10 nos
  • Fresh Inoki Mushroom ~ 2 packets
  • Almond Mushroom ~ 1 packet
  • Japanese beancurd ~ 4 nos
  • Chinese cabbage ~ 500gm
  • Nai Bai vegetable ~ 400gm
  • Siew Bak Choy ~ 400gm
  • Instand noodle ~ 6 pieces
  • Chicken egg ~ 10 nos
  • 2 packets of chicken stock 

Optional tomyam soup (RM20) or fish bone soup (RM30) can be requested shall you prefer to have a greater variety of soup base. On top of that, you may request to have other ingredients as well, subject to different charges per ingredient.

The steamboat bowl should be prepared by yourself and make the soup using the concentrated chicken stock provided. Instructions are provided on the packet to make the chicken soup. The soup appears a tad salty for our liking if follow the instructions provided but it was easily overcome by adding more water to dilute it.

Note: Steamboat equipment and utensils, serviette and garbage bags can be requested if the event houses more than 60 people. It sounds like a good news if anybody decided to throw a steamboat party at workplace to celebrate achieving milestones of projects.

From top right, clockwise: squid, fresh fish fillet, mince chicken meat and prawns
We were delighted at the freshness and quality of the flesh food provided. Though the food were prepared 1 day prior to the event, the prawn and the fish flesh still remained soft and firm, with absence of the musty and rancid odour. 

From top right, clockwise: Hock Chew fish ball, filement stick and square seafood tofu, cheese fish ball, salmon ball and seafood sandwich tofu

From left to right: Nai Bai, Siew bak choy and chinese cabbage. The enormous quantity of vegetables provided is great as it balances the entire carnivorous diet.
From left to right: almond mushroom, inoki mushroom
Japanese beancurd

Four type of condiments are provided, from top right, clockwise: spicy ginger sauce, garlic oil,  onion soy sauce and special chilli sauce
Different condiments are provided for you to mix and match with various ingredients. The exceptional onion soy sauce is something enjoyable as the mixture of sour and spicy sensation greatly spice up the ingredients. Nevertheless, the spicy ginger sauce lacks the ginger taste as the name suggests and appears to be a normal soy sauce with chilli, but it spices up most of the ingredients well.

The meat filling within hock chew chicken ball. We always enjoy having it though it may not be the authentic hock chew balls from Sitiawan or Sarawak.
Cheese fillings within fish ball. 
Squid lovers will definitely love this big squid with large tentacles

Utensils are provided
Other than RM299 package, there are RM399 and RM499 packages should you prefer a different set of ingredients, namely fish balls with ebiko, beef slices or balls, abalone mushrooms and etc. Please refer Bamboo Catering website for more details.

Bamboo Catering steamboat delivery package has elevated the practise of steamboat to another level. People could easily host a steamboat party anytime or anywhere, let it be a company meal, apartment stays or other activities, surpassing the limitation of steamboat to family dinners and friends' gathering,

Steamboat Delivery by Bamboo Catering (Penang, Kedah, Ipoh, KL, Johor)
Delivery hours: (8am - 2pm; 12pm - 3pm; 3pm - 6pm; 6pm - 9pm) 

Company address: Bamboo Catering (M) Sdn. Bhd.
808-M, Jalan Kampung Relau,
Bayan Lepas, 11900, Penang, Malaysia

Tel: 04-646 9999
Fax: 04-6466699
Toll free line: 1300 226 226

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