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Giffy Pizza @ Jalan Burmah, Penang

Updates July 2015: Giffy Pizza has ceased operation

With the birth of this Pizza based restaurant in Penang around middle of last year, I was very excited to try it out. However, Mystery Man and I never find the right timing to visit, another reason would be limited for us to try when there is just two of us for their 8 slices big pizza. Last week, my colleague just surprised me by suggesting the whole team to run all the way to Georgetown for Giffy Pizza. You have no idea how excited I was.

Giffy Pizza was manned by two Italians. As I scroll through their Facebook page, they almost have to shut it down and looking for new shop around February this year. I am so glad they reopened it on 17th April in the same shop. The interior decorations is still the same, very homey and cozy. The see through brick kind of wall, with wooden chairs and tables, makes me feel like I was dining in courtyard but with roof. Though their chef has changed but we do really enjoy the thin pizza crust hand pulled by him.

Giffy Pizza (RM 25) came with the array of thinly sliced vegetables, sausage and ham laying on the bed of tomato sauce. The playful color from the eggplant, capsicum olive and cherry tomato not only making the pizza photogenic to my camera, but very intriguing to us as well. While I was taking picture, I can feel the hand of my piranha colleagues were so ready to tear the pizza apart once I am done. Especially the half cooked egg topped at the center of the pizza, how could one resist when the food has sunny side up?

We were the only gang of customers when we dined in, it was a Thursday. The serving was quite slow as they have only one chef preparing. The second pizza arrived on our table was Chicken Ham & Mushroom Pizza (RM 24). Mushroom lover would really love this, there are two type of mushrooms, along with ham, olive and cherry tomato. The cheese was so creamy that do not like us to do them apart when we were trying to pull out one slice.

Prince Pizza (RM 23) was straight forward, with sausage, cherry tomoto and egg. We would really love it if the egg was half cook like the Giffy Pizza we had. This egg yolk was overcooked that we mistakenly thought it was mango on the first sight. When I had this, I was a little overwhelmed by the tomato sauce already because 3 pizza share the same sauce. Thus, I find this pizza tasted average.

The beverage offered was limited, you may have soft drink in can/bottle or mineral. Coffee lover can try out their choice of coffee too.

Place your order and pay in cash at ground floor, food will be served on second floor.

5 tables on second floor.

Giffy Pizza
5, Jalan Burma, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Operation Hours: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm (Closed on Wednesday)
Landmark: Opposite Loke Thye Kee Kopitiam, intersection between Penang Road & Burmah Road

Location map refers here.

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