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Supper Buffet @ St Giles Wembley - Penang Premier Hotel, Penang

St Giles Wembley Hotel, a brand of hotel operated under Cititel Hotel Management group, has joined its peers - Cititel Hotel in Penang with their new grand building towers aloft along Jalan Magazine, directly opposite Jen Hotel. Located just at the heart of Georgetown with the Georgetown Heritage area just foot away, I foresee no reason why would it be empty months later.

Long queue for food
Despite the luxurious rooms or services it offer, a group of friends of mine were attracted to its supper buffet (only Friday and Saturday, 11pm - 2am) at its Wembley Cafe. For just RM30 nett inclusive of GST, it appears unbelievable at this going to be bearish economy era, yet it is true.

We were shocked when my friend called for a reservation for the supper buffet but was being informed the reservation was full. Feeling disappointed, we decided to just hop in but it appears that half of the cafe was empty at 11pm.

The design of the food serving area is modern and elegant, and gives it patrons a relaxing environment to enjoy the food. The supper buffet starts precisely at 11pm, and exodus of people would cramp to the queue, gathering food for a midnight feast.

Pasta - penne
Main courses
Nasi lemak, with the gravy with large squid.
Carnivorous diet
The only greenish dish available for the night
You may wonder why the dishes were scarce in the pictures. This is due to I ran around to snap some pictures sharp at 11pm and the main courses and dishes were served in minimal amount but the replenishment was barely being done. Thus, do come early to avoid disappointment. However some replenishments were being carried out at early morning when some of the guests have left.

The first plate of meal
Pandan chicken was a worthy try for this first plate of meal. The rest was average though with a slightly slant toward salty taste. Give a skip for the chickens as it was tasteless and pretty hard. 

This place may not be friendly to calories cautious friends as plenty of assortment of toothsome desserts are available, from tarts, puddings, cakes and pizzas. 

Only 3 types of fruits are available and they were all finishing when I return for them. How sad! Nevertheless the fruits were not really fresh and seemed to have expose to oxidation for some time.

Salad corner
The salad corner is one of the must visit and try corner for this supper buffet. Various seeds and nuts - walnuts, sunflower seeds etc are stored in the cones for your salad topup, with 6 types of dressings offered. 

Various condiments for porridge

I was expecting more desserts soups available for this buffet supper but there were only 2 choices available - longan with glutinous balls, and peanut soup (花生汤) available. 

Look out for the far right corner as assortments of dim sums and ice cream are available. 

 For those who has a plan for the night, you are more than welcome here for a cup of espresso or double espresso.

Coffee station
For just RM30, a variety of dishes are available for your enjoyment though you must be fast to grab. It appears to me that the cafe was understaffed as distribution of water and collection was slow, with a tray being stationed at one corner and the customers are expected to put their empty plates there. Another down side was that most of the food were not labelled. 

Please take note that the supper buffet is only available on Friday and Saturday, from 11:00pm to 2:00am. The cafe offers different type of buffet everyday.

Monday - Spices and Herbs Penang 
Tuesday - Mediterranean 
Wednesday - Tantalizing Thai 
Thursday - Japanese Inspired International 
Friday - Italian 
Saturday - Wembley Seafood 
Sunday - Oriental Weekend 

Buffet Lunch(Monday to Friday, 12pm - 2:30pm)
Adult RM63 nett ; Children RM32 nett ; Senior Citizen RM45 nett

Saturday and Sunday High Tea (Saturday and Sunday 12pm - 3:30pm)
Adult RM68 nett ; Children RM34 nett ; Senior Citizen RM48 nett

Buffet Dinner(Monday to Friday 7pm - 10pm)
Adult RM90 nett ; Children RM45 nett ; Senior Citizen RM63 nett

 Buffet Dinner - Saturday and Sunday 7pm - 10pm
Adult RM95 nett ; Children RM48 nett ; Senior Citizen RM66 nett

Supper Buffet - Friday & Saturday 11pm - 2am
Adult RM30 nett ; Children RM15 nett 

Remarks: price is inclusive of 6& GST (Goods & Services Tax), as per regulation of Government of Malaysia

St Giles Wembley Penang Premier Hotel
183, Magazine Road, 10300, Penang Malaysia
Tel: 04-259 8123
Landmark: Opposite Jen Hotel
Location map refers here.

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  1. Why si there no price for Senior Citizen on Supper Buffet?

  2. Hi Jason, the price shown as per captured on the hotel promotion board. There is no category for senior citizen on Supper Buffet.

    You may wish to ring the hotel for more information.

  3. Hmm...now i know what supper they are serving now. Seems not bad but for RM30nett only~

  4. Ya.. variety was great for RM30 but quality wise still need some works.