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Sharing my Online Shopping Experience with Body Shop

There is always something that triggered us to shop, it could be out of necessity and it could be due to the seductive promotion advertisement. For my case, these two applicable. Yes, I need body lotion badly especially I have experienced skin improvement with Body Shop's body butter. Then, Maxis Rewards has offered every Maxis user with RM 10 discount and free shipping rewards on our first time online shopping at Body Shop page. There is no other terms and condition on how we use this discount other than this. I quickly scroll through Body Shop's page and found my favorite body butter, Moringa Body Butter is on 50% off.

However, my desire to try out new product has made me opted for Moringa Body Sorbet.

For your info, the Body Shop Maxis Rewards is still available until 31st of May while Body Shop's still having 50% off on below items.

So here is the math before GST implemented:
Moringa Body Sorbet original price: RM 59 -> discounted 50% became RM 29.50 -> Maxis reward discount RM 10 became RM 19.50 with free shipping

By the way, the shipping cost is charged RM 10 if without this discount.

Since GST has been implemented, let me help you work out your math for Moringa Body Sorbet:
Moringan Body Sorbet inclusive of 6% GST: RM 62 -> discount 50% became RM 31 -> Maxis reward discount RM 10 became RM 21 with free shipping

After I filled in the details and paid through my credit card, an email notification was sent to my email for confirmation. I received my parcel on the 3rd days from the day of payment. Opened up the box and find my receipt and shredded paper as cushion for my body sorbet in the box. I find this recycling act deserve our thumb up.

From the bottom of bottle, there is a price tag with manufacturing date. I can see that it has already been 1.25 years old from the manufacturing date, Dec 2013. I believe they are trying to clear up their old stock by doing 50% sales offer. However, this is fine for me. If I have to compare body sorbet with body butter, I find this easily absorb into my skin. Still, body butter is better in term of moisturizing.

With the great first shopping experience, mystery has used his Maxis Rewards voucher and created a new Body Shop's online account to purchase Moringa Body Butter on my behalf. 

Here is the math after GST implemented:
Moringa Body Butter inclusive of 6% GST original price: RM 79.90 -> discount 50% became RM 39.95 -> discount RM 10 with free shipping became RM 29.95

This round, they still keep their 3 days delivery standard and great packaging. When I wanted to check on the manufacturing date at the bottom of the bottle, it has been teared off. I believe probably because the old tag was priced without the GST. No worry, the effect of this body butter is still great.

~Lets shop smartly~


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