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Noname Char Hor Fun @ Lebuh Cintra, Penang

Why we name this Char Hor Fun as noname? It is because the shop has no signage hanging, what we notice was only a stall, set in front the shop and the smell of wok frying immediately caught our attention. It is located few shops away from the Famous Bak Zhang (Cintra Food Corner) or the opposite of the famous Yee Sung Kai Chok. Again, there is no signage hanging on the stall telling me what are they selling. Thus, we approach the stall to ask, they told me they have char hor fun, char yee fu mee and mee hun soup. Alright, why don't we give it a try? Despite our almost full stomach, we dine in for Char Hor Fun.

Char Hor Fun (RM 6) smell intriguing when it arrived. From the egg streaks, we can tell the egg has blended well with the starchy gravy. The wok hei exudes from the hor fun, make it a great contrast in a good way.

Noname Char Hor Fun
Intersection between Lebuh Cintra and Lorong Kampung Malabar, 10200 Georgetown, Penang, Malayia
Operation hours: 2 pm - 9.30 pm (Closed on Sunday)

Landmark: Few shops away from the Cintra Food Corner Bak Zhang, opposite Yee Sung Kai Chok
Location map refers here.

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