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Lucky Fresh Seafood Bee Hon Soup @ Lebuh Carnavon, Penang

Lucky Fresh Seafood Mee Hun Soup has recently moved to Lebuh Carnavon, business has been running for 3 months now. They used to sell at Perak Lane, then move on to Jelutong and now Lebuh Carnavon. Fried fish with mee hun has been our latest obsession, this is after we tried the luxury Goh Chew's Big Prawn Fish Mee Hun. We thought this combination is awesome, who don't like fried stuff right?

Remarks: The price listed below are captured before GST implemented.

Fried Fish Fillet Dry Mee Hun (RM 7), freshly fried economy style mee hun, giving it a twist with tangy crisp fried fish fillet. Then, add on a little bit of sambal to excite your palate. The mee hun was perfectly balanced between moisture and saltiness. Their fried fish fillet definitely worth the highlight, not only crispy but tangy and flavorful. No regret if you order for extra plate of fish fillet.

White Tom Yum Soup with mee hun (RM 17), quite similar to Wang Chao Jun's spicy and sour mee hun soup. Bed of seafood soak in the rich flavor stock, including prawn, fish, squid and fish ball. There is always a reason for the high price tag for this bowl of tom yum soup, there are fish maw among the seafood we dig in the soup.

Fried Belacan Chicken (RM7) for 3 pieces of chicken wing. The heat was encapsulated inside the skin when it is served. Finger licking good snack.

We were recommended to try out their new menu, Ice Kacang (RM 4). In such a humid night, why not we give it a try. 

Lucky Fresh Seafood Bee Hoon Soup
12G, Lebuh Carnarvon, 10100 Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: Dinner (Closed on Friday)
Location map refers here.

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