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Fatty Loh Chicken Rice @ Penang

Fatty Loh chicken rice was such a reminiscence personally to me. I recall the time when I was just a kid, the name Fatty Loh chicken rice was associated with a great plate of chicken rice, and I personally have a great affection toward it. However, a plate of Fatty Loh chicken rice was something to drool for as it was regarded as premium chicken rice (price wise) and the location is far. Presently after more than 15 years, the signature cock is still holding upright in front of the shop. 

Fatty Loh Chicken Rice was once voted by "King of Chicken Rice" and has won numerous awards locally as well. Judging by the reputation crowning that plate of chicken rice, it shall be a not to miss item by both locals and tourists, and not having it ticked off on your food checklist would virtually disqualify you as a Penangite or haven not been to Penang.

However, above statement may appear rather bold after I tasted the chicken rice presently and I found not excitement over it as well. Credit goes to the white steamed rice as it was great, moist to a near perfection and fluffy, and this represents a great quality of rice for a plate to complement the chicken.

The plate of deboned roasted chicken was the impeding factor of excitement actually. Garnished with spring onions and carrots, it appears appealing to me but the taste was just normal. The meagre gravy was insufficient for quarter of the rice and the chicken was not really fresh, in my opinion. Though credit should go to the chef for deboning the chicken. 

A set of chicken rice comes with a plate of soup but it was tasteless and cold. I literally left the whole bowl there. 

Fatty Loh chicken rice has their own labelled chilli sauce. It was comparable to the conventional chili sauce and complement the chicken rice well.

Nevertheless, dining at Fatty Loh Chicken Rice was a great experience. The rustic wooden benches and tables, with all sorts of antiques offer another different expectations of a dining hall. Another worthy mention is that all food and drinks will be served in aluminium plate, which makes them unique.

At the same time, I was not really impressed with their service as they appear quite arrogant, slow in service though only another table was occupied in the restaurant.

Fatty Loh Chicken Rice
Location: 21, Jalan Fettes, 10470, Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
Operation hours: 9:30 am - 6:00pm

Location map refers here.

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