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Duck Meat Koay Teow Theng @ Jalan Bukit Bendera, Air Itam, Penang

I have always heard the duck mee koay teow theng nearby Air Itam roundabout is one of the best but I have no idea its whereabouts, until I happen to be nearby there and spot the stall randomly.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of having a bowl of inexpensive koay teow theng with an unsparing quantity of ingredients. For RM 4.50 (small), the bowl fits in 5 smooth fish balls and a generous amount of duck meat. The broth was slightly seasoned to bring out its fresh and clear sensation, with the duck meat further imparted a slightly meaty yet smoothing flavour. The fried shallots may grease up the broth but it is not something you would like to miss out, considering the great flavor they enhanced in the soup.

Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of duck meat koay teow theng as I despise the awful strong fowl duck meat smell. However, I virtually cannot tell the bowl of koay teow theng I was having contained duck meat as the duck meat did not smelly funny for me. It must be either carefully picked or selected by the chef. 

The owners setup some tables at the alley for the diners to enjoy the meal. It could get a little bit packed or running short of tables during peak hour.

They have been selling for 32 years (as of 2015) and currently the second generation is manning the stall. The secret recipe of preparing the soup passed from the first generation must be their reason of success. I would regard this stall serves one of the best koay teow theng I ever had in Penang.

There are other stalls operating by the roadside at the same spot, namely mee goreng, laksa and this sugar cane drinks. The laksa and mee goreng were closed when the time I visited. I was slightly offended by this sugar cane stall owner or worker (not the one in the picture) because she stood right beside me, demanded me to pay them the drink money when I was busy snapping photos. I wanted to pay them when the time they served me the drink and even called them but they just ignored me. Couldn't them be a little bit time sensitive? Just ranting though.

Direction: if you are coming from Georgetown side, after you reach the roundabout at Air Itam, take the 12 o' click exit and the stall is just on your left

 Duck Meat Koay Teow Theng @ Jalan Bukit Bendera, Air Itam, Penang
                                           Jalan Bukit Bendera, 11500, Air Itam, Penang
                                  Landmarks: opposite Lye Lye coffee shop; beside Klinik Kesihatan Air Itam
Operation hours: 12:30pm - 5:30pm (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)

Location map refers here.

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