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Chicken Rice @ Fern Kopitiam, Sungai Petani, Kedah

Passing through Jalan Pengkalan at Sungai Petani, one may notice sometimes there is a queue in front of a stall at Fern Kopitiam. They were preying for a nice plate of chicken rice offered by this modest stall.

Operated by an uncle chef, they will serve you a decent dish to gratify you. I had a plate with mixture of both chicken meat and roasted pork (RM xx). The portion is rather generous for a person as I had to order another serving of rice to complement the meat.

The jubilant point of this mixture of chicken meat and roasted pork lies in the sauce actually. Heavy taste likers like me would be totally indulge into the sauce as it has strong soy sauce essence and emits a nice smell at the same time. It may taste salty initially but it tastes just fine if you mix it with the chili sauce.  I always find the sauce is lacking toward the end of finishing the rice.

The chicken and roasted pork will not be a disappointment. Though they may not be the best chicken or roasted pork I have tasted but they possessed the essential quality, i.e. the tenderness of the meat and the crispiness of the roasted pork. It seems like their famous dish would be their roasted duck as they roasted duck is available for advance booking.

 Chicken Rice @ Restoran Fern
                                              Jalan Pengkalan, Sungai Petani, Kedah
Operation hours: 12pm - till finish, usually about 5-7pm (Close on tuesday)
Location map refers here.

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