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Char Siew Rice @ Wai Kee, Sky Hotel, Chulia Street, Penang

Char Siew, Roasted pork, Lap Cheong(Chinese Sausage), which is your favourite? For us definitely Char Siew and Wai Kee served us the best that we have tried so far. They start their day around 11am and their Char Siew sold off really fast. By the time we arrived around 12.30pm on Saturday, I was told that their Char Siew has already sold off.  While waiting, I observed the coffee shop is almost full house, while the take away queue has never ended. After 20 minutes, the young tauke sneakily ask me if I still want char siew. Of course I do! We thought we gonna miss their char siew but I guess luck is on our side.

Parking would be a great challenge around Chulia street, mystery man has to drove until carnavon street to park his car and then walk over. Great food worth the walk right?

Portion for 2 with char siew, roasted pork, lap cheong, choy sum and soup. The star of the day, Char Siew was perfectly marinated and caramelized, with a little bit crunchy texture on the skin. Slightly burnt to enhance its taste and to exude its fragrance. The roasted pork was on the average side but the skin was crunchy. Lap Cheong was sebaceous but the saltiness of it is great enough to tickle our palette. We add on Choy Sum to balance our carnivorous diet. We like the way they separated the starchy sauce and allows us to glaze the sauce on our rice and pork on our own preference. Unlike some chicken rice sauce which stress on salty and dark sauce, this sauce is rather plain. By this, the sauce would not overwhelm the Char Siew fragrance but enhance it even more. Total damage RM 16.40.

Wai Kee Char Siew Rice
Sky Hotel, 348 Chulia Street, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 11am until finish which is usually around 1 pm (Close on Sunday); 6 pm - 9 pm (Monday to Friday)
Location map refers here.

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