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Mee Sotong @ Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang

The famous Mee Sotong (Squid Fried Noodles) at Esplande Penang used to draw an exodus of crowd to his stall whenever it is opened. Indeed, it is so famous that I actually see a replication of Mee Sotong at Kepala Batas. I have no idea whether both are connected or not but intrigued by the name Mee Sotong, I hesitated initially then decided to drop by to have a try despite having a full stomach.

A plate of Mee Sotong, Kepala Batas version cost me RM4.50. It indeed mimics the Esplanade Mee Sotong at first glance and raising me doubt even further, are these two stalls are actually connected?
The mystery reveals when I tasted the noodles and sotong. I would say it tasted almost 80% identical to the Mee Sotong Esplanade! The very self-prepared fried and cooked sotong exhibits the chewiness texture and emanated its very own flavor derived from the mixture of spices being used. The sotong is real good and just seems never enough to sustain my eager for it after testing it.

The noodles were just average comparing to Esplanade Mee Sotong. The spiciness level is friendlier to the stomach comparing to Mee Sotong Esplanade (if you request for extra spicy). Well, who cares anyway as the main appealing factor is the sotong?

The big bowl of prepared sotong
Anyhow, the hygiene level is a questionable. I have witnessed the chef and operators paying less attention to hygiene and their hands were touching here there prior preparing and serving my plate of mee sotong.

It is a good news for mee sotong lovers at Seberang Prai as you do not have to travel across the Penang Bridge and crawl in both traffic and human jam (tonnes of people waiting for Mee Sotong) just to savour the famous Esplanade Mee Sotong. Shall your stomach calls you for a plate of Mee Sotong, just head to Kepala Batas!

Restoran Mee Sotong Kepala Batas
On your left, if you were to go to Jalan Padang Kelab from Jalan Kedah
Operation Hours: 10 am - 10 pm (Daily)

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