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Maga Restaurant @ Perak Road, Penang

If you are living around Perak Lane or Jelutong area, you would be familar with this coffee shop. Located at the bustling Perak Lane, just the corner lot opposite Oldtown White Coffee. It is always crowded with patron during dinner hours. Aplenty of local food housed in, you name it you find it there. For us, the curry mee there would be the reason keep bringing us back.

Curry Mee Soup (RM 3 small/ RM 3.50 medium/ RM 4 big), first thing we noticed how they stand out from the rest is that they have creatively added mint leaves and ginger flowers. These two extra ingredients have made the milky lemak curry soup much refreshing. They have been very generous on ingredients judging by the cuttlefish been added.

We have never try dry version of curry mee before, since it is in the menu then we shall try it out. The ingredients they used were pretty much the same except the curry sauce is much thicker. Plentiful of onion flakes added to give us some crunching biting pleasure. We thought the dry one taste as good as the soup. The price for both are the same depending on size.

Operation hours: 
Afternoon session @ Maga Restaurant: 3pm -10.30pm (Closed on Althernate Sunday or depends on Maga Restaurant)
Morning Session @ side of road near Keat Seng Coffee Shop, Air Itam: 8am - 12pm (Closed on Monday)

If you have any query or to comfirm if they are open, contact them through +016-407 5800/+6016-456 1779

Claypot rice (RM 6) has always been our second favourite at Maga. We blended the half boiled egg with the rice thoroughly, then savour the overwhelms of  the salty kick from dark soy sauce and salty fish. Sprinkled of onion flakes and shallot leave gave it extra lift too.

Crispy Oyster Fried (RM 7) very similar to Lam Ah at Beach Street. This should be able to satisfy your desire when you craving for Lam Ah oyster fried during the night. However, it didn't impress us though.

Maga Restaurant
 Between Jln. Van Praagh & Jln. Perak, 11600 Jelutong, Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 3 pm - 11 pm (Closed on alternate Sunday)
Location map refers here.

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