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Day 4 & 5: Pub Street, The Old Market (Night & Morning) @ Siam Reap, Cambodia

After back from Angkor archaeological area, we were recommended to take our dinner and visit the Old Market (Phsar Chas) and its surrounding area, including the famous Pub Street alleys. 

The night market is an unusually happening place at Siam Reap, with the locals and tourists returning from the Angkor temples, flocking here after sunset. Stretching from the river on the east side across to the night markets on Sivutha Blvd, the entire area is now the center of dining, shopping and nightlife in town.

The temple, one of the famous club at Pub Street

The lively pub street are cranked up by music and the street is blocked to motor traffic, akin Bangkok Khaosan Rd. though smaller in size. Pubs and lounges running alongside the alley, and there are certain pubs impose strict security checking prior entering.

Clothes selling outside of BB Angkor Night Market
The street across the pub street featuring a small inner night market - BB Angkor Night Market, offers the deepest selection of souvenirs and clothes. Be prepared the haggle for your desired price as sometimes you may be offered a ridiculous figure for a thing you wish to purchase.

Food stalls stretching alongside Thnou Street, just turn left after you exit Pub Street
Streets food stalls are not scarce over here, stretching along the street and one may find some unique Cambodian food here.
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Scallion rice cake, fried using wood fire
Scallion rice cake (0.5 USD /pcs) , crispy in texture and slightly oily but emits nice scallion smell 
Cambodian sausage (1 USD for 2 sticks)
Contains lots of fats and oily, basically you hardly could taste the texture of the meat. Way too sebaceous.
Chicken satay (0.5 USD per piece)
Tendered meat and contains lots of fat as well. Cambodian people loves to consume high fat food?

Passion fruit drink (1 USD), moderate in taste
Jackfruit drink (1 USD), this is nice though the jackfruit fragrance still lacking

Thai burnt coconut (1 USD), bland in taste. Definitely not worth the try

Lastly it comes to the exotic food - The Fried Spider! It cost 1 USD for one big spider as shown in the picture. Fret not, we are still alive after eating it. The skin was slightly like chocolate texture while the meat was akin of soft shell crab. It tasted pretty nice in fact. Nevertheless, the meat in the abdomen was blackish in colour and tasted funny and powdery. It is a must try for those adventurous people! 

Everything ready to be grilled!
Nicely skewered beef ad chicken
Pork Rib (2.5 USD) & grilled calamari(1.5 USD)
Stir fried eels with Khmer curry paste (5 USD)
After all the street food hunting, it is time for some proper meal. We actually had 2 nights dinner here and able to try some Khmer style restaurant as well. We dine at one of the corner restaurant  - The Best Street Food & Khmer Food. The food was just mediocre.

Dinner at Cool Corner Pizza Restaurant - 1
Dinner at Cool Corner Pizza Restaurant - 2
Some food we had in Cool Corner Pizza Restaurant nearby Pub Street, tasted mediocre. 

The locals will patronize the old market building in the morning to do their daily shopping chores for their household. With stalls selling all sort of fresh foods and products, it was definitely an experience to walk around the local market. It was alike the typical Asian wet market.

Apart from fresh food, clothes, souvenirs, DVDs, jades and etc also available. The authenticity of those jade products remain a question tough. Nevertheless they were nicely crafted. 

The bottle of snake and insect whiskey appears to be vastly available at Cambodia market, selling in a very appealing price to tourists. The whiskey may have therapeutic effect and perhaps aphrodisiac, but how should I deal with the snakes and scorpions after finishing the whiskey? Something to ponder about.. 

Another thing to be cautious at Cambodia is that the people may demand money from you just for taking random pictures. I was holding my camera and randomly shooting photos and happen to snap the picture of these 2 kids. I have to admit it was partly my fault as well as I should have get the consent from them prior taking the pictures. However, I was demanded for some money by the passer-bys for taking the above picture! Pissed off, I walked away angrily. Well, I do not mind if you ask me to delete the pictures but demanding money was just ridiculous to hear.

From top right, clockwise - , Grilled eggplant with chopped pork and onion (USD 5.25), Khmer Curry (USD 5.25), Khmer Sour Soup (USD 5.00) Khmer Amok (USD 5.25),  unknown dish and Khmer Roasted Duck (USD 7.50)
Then it comes the last meal in Cambodia at Khmer Family Restaurant. Tasted better than the previous 2 restaurant. The roasted duck and amok were nice.

Lastly, the coconut flavored Blue Pumpkin Ice Cream (USD 1.75) at Siam Reap International Airport before departure back to Kuala Lumpur. We quite enjoyed the taste as the fibres of coconuts are vividly tasted during consumption of the ice cream with the natural sweetness of coconuts. 

Before ending the post, allow me to share our guest house at Siam Reap - Bun Kaw Guest House. The guest house was pretty decent with two single beds for 20 USD per night and it was air-conditioned. Simple breakfast is provided every morning with a cup of coffee. The owner was friendly as well.

The only bad thing is that electricity seems unstable here, or perhaps at Siam Reap. We experienced tripped electricity few times at the guest house, worst was when we were bathing using hot shower.

Nice room at Bun Kaw Guest House

Pretty decent breakfast provided at Bun Kaw Guest House. Just good enough to fill your stomach in early morning to prepare you for the adventure.

We marked the end of our 5 days 4 nights Cambodia trip with a dinner at Wendy's at Kuala Lumpur International Airport! Overall, Cambodia is a decent place to visit with relatively about USD150 spent for the whole 5 days excluding airfare. A more budgeted trip could be arrange should you decide to slash some spending on food. 

There are some random photos we took at Cambodia as well.

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