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Cendol Pulut / Glutinous rice cendol @ Kulim, Kedah

Nothing beats the satisfaction by quenching your thirst with a bowl of cooling cendol under the hot scorching sun. If you happen to be at Kulim town or heading to Bukit Mertajam from Kulim, feel free to drop by for a break at this unknown roadside stall just opposite the Petronas petrol station.

Defying the conventional, this stall adds pulut or glutinous rice into the cooling cendol. Inclusion of glutinous rice refreshens my established impression towards cendol, as it imparted chewy experience when savoring the cendol. I thought having glutinous rice in the bowl of cooling cendol was a great idea as it brings the entire chewing experience to another level. The cooling cendol water actually flows into the infinite capillary space between the granules of glutinous rice which has heated up by exposure to hot weather. Scoops of cendol with the glutinous rice wielded both hot and cool sensation in nearly perfect balance, just like the concept of yin and yang.

The bowl of cendol is just sweet enough for my taste and emitted little bit of fragrance, though a little bit creamier will definitely better. Selling at just RM2.00 per bowl, it is not easy to get this price anymore at the big cities such as Penang Island, Kuala Lumpur or Johor Bahru.

One large bowl of glutinous rice waiting for its customers
Anyhow, I was not really impressed by the service provided. Manning by a single person, or sometimes another helper was sighted; the service was rather testing my patience. I chose to “dine in” under the big trees with few tables provided but I have witnessed late comers who came in take away was being served first. I had to wait more than 15 minutes before being served my long waited cendol.

Unknown Cendol Pulut @ Jalan Bukit Alwi, Kulim
Operation hours: 12:30pm - 5:50pm (Monday closed)

Landmark: opposite Petronas petrol station
Location map refers here.

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  1. I used to have their cendol when I was in Kulim. Although they have branch at Jalan Kulim, BM but I still prefer going back to the original one, taste is still the best. :)

    1. Eh the one at Jalan Kulim, BM is their branch? It tastes totally different..