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Asam Laksa @ Kilang Lama, Kulim, Kedah

 Asam laksa has always been one of the most popular food in Northern Region. In Kulim, a family business in an abode in Kilang Lama sells one of the favourite homemade Asam Laksa by Kulim people. It is reputed to be one of the best Asam Laksa in Kulim and thus triggered the curiosity of a typical Penangnite like me, driving 40 minutes to savour this bowl of asam laska.

Kulim asam laksa (RM 3.50 - small, RM 4.00 - large) is more toward Penang Mainland laksa style, which the soup is less thicker and shrimp paste was not the main taste driver. The soup possess a lovely tamarind taste to suffice in stimulating your taste buds. Nevertheless, shredded of fish pieces was minimum, might due to fish is not main ingredient to produce this bowl of laksa.

The noodles were different comparable to Penang laksa as well. It seems like the noodles were home made and comes in a starchy feeling, while lacking of lustre, smoothness and elasticity. The taste is alike fish noodles though, offering a better biting experience with an exact biting to split the noodles into halves. The choice of noodles is up to personal preference anyway. 

Contrary to Penang Island laksa, the stall offers crackers to compliment the asam laksa. Dipping the crackers into the soup is a great savouring experience. I hardly could resist myself from taking more crackers from the crackers container as it tasted very well, until the factor RM0.30 per piece of crackers rings the bell in my mind.

The idea of keeping the utensils covered is a good way to increase the hygienic level.

As the location of the abode is somewhere in a residential area at Kilang Lama, it may take you some effort to locate the shop if you are not familiar with Kulim.

Note: There is a famous Chai-Kuey beside the Asam Laksa shop but it was closed when I was there. Hope to have a chance to try it on my next visit.

Asam Laksa @ Kilang Lama, Kulim, Kedah
Residential area at Kilang Lama
Landmarks : SJK (C) Kilang Lama
Operation hours: 11:00am - 6:30pm (Closed on Wednesday)
Tel: 04-4904935

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