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Vietnam Cuisine: Classic Sandwich Cafe @ Sungai Pinang, Penang

With the recent demand on Vietnam cuisine in Penang, we have recently find Classic Sandwich Cafe interesting. Situated just a stone's throw away distance from Que Huong Toi. Both of them are practicing different concept and their food are coming from different hometown. According to them, they are focusing on bringing their best and scrumptious street food from Hanoi under one roof in Penang.

Vietnam Special Chee Cheong Fun/Banh Cuan Thit (RM 3.50) looks very similar to those you found in local except the sauce. Their thin widespread rice crepe were rolled together with some green leaves, top with crunchy and fine garlic flakes. This plain rice rolls were greatly livened by the sourly red sauce and the seasoned black sauce.

We were delighted to find their Vietnamese Spring Roll/Nem Gian (RM7) in fried version. We were given fresh lettuce and Thai's basil to wrap with their warm spring roll, soused in the sourly Nước chấm dipping sauce. With the freshness and crispy texture from the lettuce, fused with the crispy skin, and a little bit of chewy biting pleasure from vermicelli and pork minced. It was a satiate combination to be savored as snack.

Vietnam's cuisine is greatly influenced by France, when they introduced us their Ham & Roasted Pork Sanwich (RM 5), we didn't hesitate to try. The ham they used were homemade and it is very different with the western ham we usually have especially its texture and taste. We find their roasted pork eminently scrumptious, expelling the pork's aroma yet keeping the meat's moisture. They have considerably separated the cilantro in case some find its strong scent intolerable. Or else, you may sandwiched them between the bread.

Duck Meat Tang Hun/Bun Mang Ngan (RM 4), came with vermicelli, fish ball, thinly sliced duck meat and fish cake, sprinkled with scallion. The broth were simple in taste, but emanating natural sweetness. 

Thick White Coffee (RM 2) was quite similar to our Oldtown White Coffee.

Besides, they offers Steamboat at the price of RM 98 in the portion of 3-4 person. However, early reservation through phone need to be made at least one day before. This is because they want to make sure you have the fresh ingredients they bought from the market.

Classic Sandwich Cafe
Jalan Sungai Pinang, 10150 Penang, Malaysia
+6016-422 8655 (Ms Huyen)
Operation hours: 5 pm - 10pm (Closed on Sunday & Monday)

Landmark: Opposite Chevrolet Service Center
Location map refers here.

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