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Toast and Coffee @ Joo Leong Cafe, Penang

Joo Leong Cafe has been a popular place for breakfast either for those working in the vicinity or those catching early morning flight. It is located strategically along Jalan Sultan Azlan shah, on the way to Penang's International Airport. Once the coffee shop's door opens sharply at 6.30am, you will find a lot of patrons dine-in in just a few minutes time.

Coffee with milk (RM 1.30) was a little bit mild in terms of aroma but smooth to savour in mouth.

Toast with butter (RM 2) could be overly salty with butter for some who are health cautious.

Half Boiled Egg (RM 1.60)

Nasi Lemak with Fish (RM 1.40)
Nasi Lemak with anchovies (RM 1.40)
A small pack of nasi lemak may be a good start to prepare yourself to kickoff the day with energies. Served with either fish or anchovies with some sambal which was mild in spiciness. The portion size is relatively small though and a hunk may find one packet too little. The crispy anchovies were the noteworthy mention of this packet of nasi lemak.

Fried Mee and Mee hun (RM 1.40)
The simple dish of fried mee and mee hun that seldom go wrong may be another choice if one finds nasi lemak is too heavy for a breakfast. The chillies sauce, concealed in the mixture of mee and mee hun added some sensation to this plain noodles mixtures. Hence remember to stir the sauce well to make it a balanced taste meal. Of course, not to forget the contribution of green pickles for providing some sour bolts.

At night, this coffee shop will be transformed into selling Seafood noodle and porridge. We ordered Fried fish with mee hoon and mee (RM 9). The broth was rich in flavour. Besides, they offers hokkien mee too.

Fried Fish Porridge (RM 9)
Big Prawn
Seafood to add on
Busy morning
Busy morning

Joo Leong Cafe
179-H Sungai Tiram, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 
Morning: 6.30 am - 11.30 am (Daily)
Evening: 6 pm - 10.30 pm (Daily)

Landmarks: Opposite Shell Petrol Station and Pos Office
Location map refers here.

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