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[BANGKOK] The last day – Massage & Shopping @ Thailand

Time flies, after Silom cooking class there it comes the last day of our trip at Bangkok. When we said we are heading for Bangkok for 7 days 6 nights, people often commented the trip is too lengthy and there are no much things to do in Bangkok other than shopping.  However, we persisted and it is proven there are more things left to explore in Bangkok still.
Very happening street at Bangkok
Today is a pretty much relaxing schedule for us. We just head to Siam Paragon via BTS to Siam station. The whole day was spent there doing some windows shopping at Siam Paragon, and the nearby Siam Square and Siam Centre as all of them were interconnected.

Hello Kitty Restaurant at somewhere around Siam Paragon
MOS Cheese Burger
Ginger Pork Rice Burger
Dinner was settled at MOS burger with the ordering of a set of MOS cheese burger (149 baht) and a set of Ginger Pork Rice Burger (129 baht). Both burgers are special as they are served with rice. Taste wise, nothing spectacular that makes the burger linger in my heart or tongue.

Of course, window shopping can never be materialized. The products always tempted us with all the promotions, benefits, discounts etc and ended up we purchased this Beauty Buffet face mask (200 baht) at BTS Station and Snail White (880 baht) facial cream. So far these two products have been quite satisfying and the results were good.

A trip to Bangkok or Thailand will never complete without a massage. There was a nice massage parlour nearby The Period Hotel, named Arunda Oriental Massage. Thai Massage (250 baht / pax ) there was good, with the massager was skillful and provided a good service.

The hotel which we stayed, Period Hotel @ Bangkok

Meanwhile, we also tried Aroma Massage at one of the random massage parlour by the roadside at the mainstreet nearby The Period Hotel and then it was a disaster, at least for me. The massage guy simply overused his power and I told him to avoid massaging my foot due to injury and there was clearly a plaster there but the massage guy simply ignored it. The whole 1 hour was a torture. Lesson to learn, never simply go into any massage parlour. Pick a decent one and enjoy the whole process.

We also tried a random stall of wantan noodles (45 baht) near the exit of BTS station Ratchathewi, just outside of the 7-11. Similar taste to Penang wantan noodles, the soup was refreshing and tasteful, and the addition of chili flakes provided an extra sensation to the soup.

With that, it marks an end to our trip to Bangkok. Hailed a taxi to Don Mueang Airport in the next morning for 150 baht, as the honest taxi drivers agree to use a meter instead of simply of shouting a price.

Tips of getting a honest taxi in Bangkok: walk away from the hotspot, e.g. hotels, tourists attraction etc. Go to a space designated for taxi pickup guarded by some security, and your chance of nailing a honest taxi driver is increased.

Some time to kill off at airport so we ordered the coffee from Black Canyon Coffee, which is often seen around the corner at Bangkok. Black canyon and Blackpucino Frappe cost us a total 165 baht, nice coffee with decent aroma.  

The whole Bangkok trip was a decent trip, with the opportunity to explore the culture of Thai people. People here work early and finish off work late as you can see some shops still open at 10pm, or even 11pm. Just be careful with the taxis and tuk-tuk drivers as they see you as a money tree, trying to shake off as much money as possible from you. I will definitely come to Bangkok again, with so many things left unexplored in this short 7 days trip. 


  1. Thanks for all your posts on bkk and huahin.

    I thoroughly.enjoyed them.

    1. Thanks Ivana, your compliment is our driving force :)