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Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant @ Macalister Road, Penang

Since year 1990, Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant has been rooted in Penang, serving Indian-inspired food for century. They have now extended their outlets to 12 in Malaysia and another in India. We wasn't sure how does authentic Indian cuisine taste like (hopefully we get to try them in India in near future), we thought they are one of the best Indian restaurant in Penang. Most crucial, the prices are very reasonable with cozy environment and attentive service.

We had Hariyali Kabab (RM 8) as our heavy appetizer. One of the famous Indian's Kabab, boneless chicken pieces that marinated in their special green sauce. Then, grilled in oven with skewer. Squeezed a little bit of lime to give it some sour touch, then dipped in the Coriander Chutney gave us playful sensation on the palates.

Garlic Naan Set (RM 10), came with kapitan chicken and its dipping sauce. The naan was so flavorful and thin which we enjoyed even without the sauce. And of course, sousing the naan with the green sauce, which I supposed is raita (a yogurt based salad made with vegetables such cucumbers and spices) were even better. The chutney allowed the infusion of the minty flavour to the already flavorous garlic naan, then the simple leavened flour would turned into a good dish. One small size of naan would just be not enough, making you craving for more. 

Their chicken was well marinated from inside out, still keeping the tenderness. Chewy to our expectation, making the every bites of it a true enjoyment. Recommendation to use hand instead of utensils during the dining, as you would not want to miss the essence of the chicken left over on your fingers. 

Special Chicken Briyani (RM 12) with the surprise pungent chicken hidden among the Briyani rice. The well cut boneless chicken pieces were naturally good in taste, probably due to the harbouring of the spices' aroma.

We would say the Briyani rice was one of the best we have came across in Penang so far, with the pungent spice aroma expelled from the grains indeed satisfying to both nostrils and the tongue. Though you may be daunted by the calories intake from the mountain size of the Briyani rice served but the pleasure from savoring it overcome the sin of carbohydrate load. Exercise may help to free you from the sinful feelings, but perhaps not tonight after such heavy meal.

The whole set came with plain naan, salad, steamed egg, fresh carrot and sauce as side dish. Plain nann only comes with special set though.

Cow's Milk Bru Coffee (RM 2.50) was awesome. The premixed coffee has always won a major place amongst all the other premixed coffee powder with its distinctive smoothness and smell.

Rich Banana Lassi (RM 4) with nice banana flavor.

Some of their sweet stuff

Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant
No. 225 Macalister Road, 10450, Penang, Malaysia
+604-684 9411/ +6012-473 5981
Operation hours: 7 am - 11.30 pm (Daily)
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Landmark: Chee Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting Society, Next to Penang Sports Club.
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