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[BANGKOK] Silom Thai Cooking School @ Thailand

We head to Silom cooking school for this non ordinary activity in the vacation after Chatuchak market. We always wanted to do something different in our trip, something that could really distinguish the ordinary vacation life – visiting places of attractions, flooded in the mountain of tourists etc. Hence, we opt to attend a Thai cooking class at Bangkok and it turned out to be one of the most unique and interesting experience in our trip (we seldom, or should say never cook at home).

Thanks to Mr. Google we managed to find several cooking classes available at Bangkok and we choose Silom Thai Cooking School, due to the price is rather reasonable (1000 baht, later discounted to 800 baht due to extra number of students) and the time as well. They have 3 sessions per day – morning (9:00am – 12:30pm) , afternoon (1:40pm – 5:30pm) and evening (6:00pm – 8:30pm). Booking was done via email.

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They initially wanted to wait us at BTS Chong Nonsi Station but we were late hence we have to make the way to the school via foot. They have provided a clear direction to cooking school via email and coupled with guidance from the locals, reaching the school was not a a big problem.

All the ingredients involved
The group - Hello from Malaysia, USA, France & Taiwan
The class started with the introduction to various spices and vegetables in Thailand. The chef was a very friendly and nice guy, and ultra sensitive towards camera. Whenever someone pointed the camera toward him, he will stop any work that he is doing and pose nicely for you to snap the picture.

The class was conducted in a very fun and interactive way. Even though our group consists of people from different nations, the chef managed to speak a little bit of our language and getting us involved in different aspects of the cooking, from pounding, squeezing coconut milks, cutting the vegetables and deciding the amount of chilies in your dish. He will also carefully explain the process and the importance of putting the ingredients and guided us throughout the whole cooking process.

Dish 1: Tom Yum Gong

Preparing ingredients for Pad Thai

Dish 2: Pad Thai

Preparing ingredients for Som Tom
Dish 3: Som Tom (Thai Papaya Salad)

Getting ready all the spices for curry

Dish 4: Kaeng Mus Sa Mun (Mussaman curry with chicken)

Dish 5: Khao Neaw Ma Muang (Mango with sticky rice)

Basically the 5th dish was prepared by the chef for us, he explained the process of cooking the rice and cut the mango then served everything to us.

We get to eat everything that we cooked immediately after the preparation process and the dinner was so fulfilling. It was one of the best dinner we had in Bangkok as the dishes cooked was mouthful, to a certain extend even better than the one sold outside (as we got good cooks ;p). After the cooking class, we were all given a book on Thai recipe, hoping we got the chance to practice it at home later.

Note: if you are too lazy to walk to Silom Thai Cooking Class, simply spot for this motor taxi stand available throughout Bangkok. Hail one of the rider and they will ride you to your destination.

SiLOM Thai Cooking Class
68, Silom Soi 13, Silom Road
Bangkok 10500
Tel: +668-4-726-5669

Patpong night market
Japanese street with Japanese pubs, just few alleys away from Patpong night market
Patpong night market and street pubs are just around the corner near Silom Cooking School, about 15 minutes walking. A lot of interesting stuff and it was very happening there, with the songs played by the surrounding pubs.


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