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[HUA HIN] Getting into Hua Hin &Wandering at Plearnwan Eco Village @ Thailand

The eyerefreshing moments and wanderings at Soi Cowboy rendered us equivalent to an amateur who just completed, or strayed half way during the 42km Full Marathon. As a result, we overslept and not knowing where to have a decent breakfast, we just wandered and tried our luck around the outskirt of Wellness Residence.

Random food stalls outside Wellness Residence and BTS Asok Station
Try your luck by striking a lottery at Bangkok!
Very happening street in the morning

Satay in the morning
We then found there are a few hawker stalls just outside of the Sukhumit MRT station. Within interval of few minutes, an exodus of crowd will be flocking out from Sukhumit MRT station and surrounded the hawker stalls, grabbed some nourishments for our stomach before heading to work. I assume they are heading to work as most of them are in their office wear, and Bangkok office ladies are good looking as well with nice and decent makeups.

Fried pork skin

Our heavy breakfast
We had a heavy breakfast – fried pork skins (20 baht), pork satays (5 baht/stick), pork glutinous rice (25 baht), fried rice (40 baht) and a pack of mango. The locals were very helpful, helping us to translate as the hawkers could not understand us. Pointing the food and signaling the quantity worked well in getting our messages across though.

 We quickly had our breakfast and rush to take BTS from Asok to Victory Monument station (37 baht/person) to take a minivan heading to Hua Hin.  Finding the minivan counter was not that difficult as the locals were able to understand our simple English and pointed us the direction to the minivan counter. The whole 3.5 hours journey was a bumpy ride as we were seated on the back seat. Lesson to learn, always remember to pick a decent seat if you whenever you are in vacation for a comfy ride!

Plearnwan Eco Village
Scenic view at Plearnwan Eco Village - 1
Scenic view at Plearnwan Eco Village - 2
Various game station at Plearnwan Eco Village

Scenic view at Plearnwan Eco Village, with model
Scenic view at Plearnwan Eco Village - 4

As we have some time to spare after arriving at Hua Hin, we hailed a tuk-tuk from Citin Loft Hua Hin Hotel to Plearnwan Eco Village for 150 baht. Plearnwan, essentially means “play and learn” and “yesterday” in Thai. It was given such name as the people wanted Plearnwan to be a place where everyone can play out the lifestyle of earlier times, and in playing can learn some of the history, ritual, culture, and arts of living of that period. The locals can benefit from Plearnwan as they may come and selling their products, services, foods and drinks there (information quoted from Plearnwan Eco Village official website). There is no entrance feeds needed.

Thai crispy pancakes (20 baht)
Grilled bananas
Fishballs (40 baht)
Rice balls? (50 baht)
Inside the riceball, quite full after consuming just one of it.

Some interesting desserts
Mushroom skewers
Tasteless vermicelli (60 baht), the worst we ever had.
We walked around the village, snacking, do some windows shopping and of course, taking photos around. Plearnwan Eco Village just serve as a stop for one to try some food, walk around, shopping and kill off some time at Hua Hin.

The operation hour of Plearnwan Eco Village as below:
Sunday to Thursday 9am – 9pm
Friday to Saturday 8am – 11pm

We then proceed to Hua Hin Hills Vineyard, the long anticipated venue.

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