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Ah Chong Seafood Restaurant @ Bagan Ajam, Penang

Stretching the coastline of Pantai Bersih is abundance of seafood restaurants, and all of them seemingly to be an excellent choice of dine in. After some hesitation, we opted for Ah Chong seafood with high expectation since our previous experience at Lobster Village Seafood Restaurant was pleasant, which led to the high confidence on the seafood being offered here.

Crabs are seldom a miss whenever we patronize seafood restaurant as this luxurious dish is more than a menu item. It is just been genetically engineered to the seafood menu and the process of cracking the big claws are just gratifying. We ordered Kam Heong Crab (RM 80/kg), or also known as curry powder crab, which we thought the price is slightly on the high side. The Kam Heong powder commingled well with crabs and offered the nice aroma, and the spiciness from the Kam Heong powder compensated the usual dull crab meats. Nevertheless, the crab meats were not really fresh and small in size, and my friend commented it may be Sri Lankan Crabs or any other crabs which were inferior in quality.

Clams in herbal stock, 上汤拉拉 (RM10) emit scent of herbal when served. The soup has a natural and balanced sweetness coming from the herbal ingredients, and drinking it was refreshing indeed. Deluging the bowl of rice with the soup is a good option to counterbalance the heavy and oily seafood.

Fried mantis prawn coated with salty eggs (RM10) is also my all-time favorite in seafood restaurant. One could taste the fresh mantis prawn concealed in flour but the salty eggs covering it was mediocre, lacking a pulse to hit the taste buds when it is loaded to the mouth.

Sizzling Japanese tofu (RM8), a simple dish providing an equilibrium to this heavy meal. The Japanese tofu is rested on a bed of fried egg and minced pork covered in bubbling hot signature tofu sauce, served on a sizzling hot plate to heighten its appearance. Nothing could go wrong with this dish, unless the chef purposely over fried the tofu.

Baby Kailan (RM5) to offer some greenly leafy vegetables, making this dinner meal looks less sinful. Cooked with oyster sauce, chewing of the vegetable in between the seafood are great to offer different stimulation to your taste buds.

Overall, the food was okay and the price was considered as affordable as well. Perhaps a next visit should comes soon with ordering of fishes, prawns and squids.

Ah Chong Seafood Restaurant
No.2, Pantai Bersih, Bagan Ajam, 12300, Butterworth.
Operation hour: 12:00pm – 11:00pm, opens everyday

Location map refers here.

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