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Restaurant Kapitan @ Opposite Queensbay Mall, Penang

With 3 branches of Restaurant Kapitan situated in three different zones in Penang – Southern (Queensbay Mall), Center (Chulia Street), and North (Gurney Tower) operating 24/7, grapping a luscious tandoori chicken or briyani is not a challenge in terms of physical movement anymore.

Claypot Briyani Chicken (RM 9), accompanied by a perfectly grilled chicken. The chicken is well marinated and tender, and chewing the slices of chicken slowly was more than an enjoyment.

The cheese naan with tandoori chicken (RM 10.50) was another hit. The texture of the cheese naan was good and delightful but the cheesy feeling was deficient. The look of the tandoori chicken is so appealing with its reddish skin, and the taste was indeed matched its appearance. Dripping lemon on the nicely roasted tandoori chicken enhanced its taste.

Served together with the cheese naan with tandoori chicken was a generous amount of onions, dhal and mint sauce. We personally feel that the mint sauce was special with an unique sweetness.

Peeking at the kitchen provided us an insight of the business. One is able to gauge the quality of public perception toward the fine quality of the chicken served here by looking at its quantity.

With the varieties in the menu, one may have to come few times to taste all the delicacies over here

Restaurant Kapitan @ Opposite Queensbay Mall
Address: 89-G, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Operation hour: 24 hours
Contact: 04-641 1311
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