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Lovecipes Café @ Rangoon Road, Penang

With the recent mushrooming of cafes in Penang and even across northern region, one may thought Lovecipes Café at Rangoon Road, in the heart of Georgetown is another theme café which served desserts, coffees and some western delicacies. However, behold your thought, as this café actually served splendid vegetarian food, and claimed that no Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) was added during food processing.

Remarks: The cafe has since closed down

The café surroundings is cozy and is well decorated, giving its patron a warm and vintage feeling, with a slight Baba-Nyonya experience too.

Signature Revitalize Soup (RM 12.90), is actually vegetarian version of Bak Kut Teh. The meat is replaced with tofu, tofu skin, enoki mushrooms and a plate of vegetable. Due to the absence of meat involved in the food processing, the soup is not sebaceous but saporous, and you will realize the soup in the claypot is not enough to meet your cravings. However, soup refill will cost RM3.00.

Three fillial sons (RM12.90), is a dish cooked with 3 types of vegetables – lady fingers, brinjals and long beans. A simple and nice dish to have.

Nyonya sour cutlet (RM12.90) is definitely a worthy try and recommended item on the menu. The texture of the soy based cutlet is soft and very much alike real fish meat, I was amazed at every bite of it even though I am not a fan of meat analogues. Enriched with chef’s special marinated sauce, the taste is just something you would like to indulge at it.

Lor Rolls (RM8.00), or better known as Lobak with the meat fillings are substituted with water chestnuts and mushrooms. Taste alike real meat with crispy texture and skins, it would be one the best vegetarian lobak I have ever tried. The price is a little bit on a high side though with RM8.00 for 2 pieces.

Hot homemade old ginger tea (RM2.90) with strong ginger flavor will be a very good option for a health choice. There are also homemade ginger the Tarik, with hot ones cost RM4.90 and cold ones cost RM5.90. Plain water, or they claim it as filtered water cost RM0.50 too.

Overall, the food served was nice and no doubt it is top of my list for vegetarian food. It was slightly expensive but I would say worth every pennies that you are spending. I am not a vegetarian but with this café pioneering for a vegetarian café, it is definitely a good news for vegetarians out there.

Lovecipes Café
42, Jalan Rangoon, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours:  Tuesday – Saturday, 11:00am – 3.00pm & 6.00pm – 10.00pm (Closed Monday)
Contact: 014-3069942 (Mr. Koay)
location map refer here.

Remarks: For every 1st and 15th of lunar calendar that falls on Monday, the café will open and will change the rest day to the next day.

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