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Lobster Village Seafood @ Bagan Ajam, Penang

Seafood at the south part of butterworth can easily be found at Tambun, it won't be an issue if you stay at the north part. Bagan Ajam has a lot of Seafood restaurants and we have heard some great comments about Lobsters Village and offering in reasonable price. If you are coming from Penang Island like us, we would recommend you to take a ferry.

Don't be surprised to find a row of seafood restaurants lineup along Jalan Pantai Bersih, just make sure you park your car in front the restaurant you are going to dine in.

The dining seating similar to kopitiam style except for the outdoor. A soothing dining experience when dining on top of sand, surrounded by the rhythm from the sea, relaxing with wind blowing through your hair.

Steamed Lam Gor (RM 75)
We started our seafood fest from the basic, Steamed Lam Gor with soy sauce and gingers. The freshness of fish has been overwhelmed by the saltiness of the soy sauce. It could be better if more gingers added while reducing the salt level. 

Kam Heong Crab (RM 25/piece)
Salty Egg Yolk Crab (RM 25/piece)
Between Kam Heong and Salty Egg, we thought their Salty Egg Crab did a better job in term of fragrant. Every piece of crabs were well coated with the grainy egg yolk, giving off a little bit of buttery aroma. Their Kam Heong would be the lesser calorific option. If we have to nitpick, would be their crab a little small in size.

Bai Zhou Prawn (RM 2.50/piece)
Cereal Prawn (RM 2.50/piece)
It was a pleasant surprise to find Bai Zhou Prawn could be that toothsome. Simple frying method with oil and garlic, perfectly trapped the freshness and sweetness of the prawn itself. RM 2.50 for such a big piece of prawn definitely worth it. We thought cereal prawn should be something that never go wrong but seem like we were wrong. The cereals seem overcooked and were loosing its scent, while mixing with rough sugar that seem added afterwards.

Spicy Clam (RM 20)
The spicy sauce was very appetizing and succulent, only the clams were overcooked and turned rubbery.

Curry Squid (RM 15)
Although the squids were tender while the curry was alluring, they just didn't blend well together.

Bak Choy (RM 6)
Stir Fry Bak Choy to balance our sinful meal.

Mountain high residues for one person.

Lobster Village Seafood
Jalan Pantai Bersih, 13000 Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia
+6016-432 2833/+6016-592 0229

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