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Hameediyah Restaurant @ Campbell Street, Penang

The 107-year-old well known Hameediyah Restaurant, which also the oldest Malaysia's Nasi Kandar has revamped their menu and freshen up the interior to the public few months ago. With clean environment, air-conditioned dining place and efficient services provided by the servers have made it a great place to enjoy either quick or family meal. Don't hesitate to remind their server about missing order as their dine in crowd has never reduced.

The chicken in Murtabak Ayam (RM 5) was very tender to my surprise, contained in super thin skin. They have followed the authentic murtabak style by having roti-canai bread slot in between the chicken, creating more thickness and chewy texture. We find the curry a little mild to go with the murtabak. Not to forget the pickled onion, well balanced between sweet and sour while the onion spiciness still remain.

Their Curry Chicken (RM 5.50) leaved me very strong impression due the robustness of their curry. By using high heat, the milk and cream from the coconut has perfectly broke down and blend into the curry. The curry's spiciness is moderate for us, glaze them over the white rice and eat along with their palatable cabbage.

Parking would be difficult in campbell street. We would suggest you park few streets away and walk over to enjoy your relaxing meal.

Hameediyah Restaurant
164 Lebuh Campbell, 10200 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.
+604-261 1095
Operation hours: 10am-10pm (Daily), 10am-12pm & 2pm-11pm on Friday.
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