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Duck Rice @ Air Itam Wet Market, Penang

Hungry and not knowing where to get a decent midnight supper had always been a catastrophe for me. Fret not, head to Air Itam wet market and you shall see cars parked along the road, indicating the hungry predators are preying for the duck at the Air Itam wet market. Well, we meant prepared and braised ducks in this famous duck rice stall nested in the wet market but not wild or livestock ducks.

Be prepared to join the queue of duck predators which may last for 10 – 15 minutes, though the queue moves up pretty fast. Share with the humble uncle on your desired choice of dishes and the aunty will prepare for you within minutes. Variety of choices are available – braised duck or pork, braised soy sauce eggs, bean curds, intestines and picked Chinese mustard green aka “boey chai”

We opted for a plate of with mixture of braised duck and pork. Generally I disliked duck meat due to its unpleasant and unexplainable taste. However, the duck meat served here was totally great with the absence of the unpleasant taste, and the same applies to the lean pork meat we ordered as well. Both duck and pork meat were tendered and makes the total chewing process an enjoyment.

On top of that, ladles of soy sauce poured on the rice provided extra moisture to the rice, and the level of sweetness it added to the meat was just perfection. The crispy and aromatic deep fried onion flakes added smashing sensation to the meat, and garnishing with coriander leaves made the whole meal looked appealing. However, the chili comes a little bit watery for me though and lacking of the hot spiciness I was expecting.

Small bowl of pickled Chinese mustard green aka “boey chai” was indeed inferior in size comparing to the rice with plentiful duck and pork meat but it is exciting to savor the boey chai and its soup. Tasted nice and sweet, with a little bit sour and it was just nice.

Just another version of Nasi Itik Beratur….

Address: Air Itam wet market
Operation hour: 10:00pm – 2:00am or until finished (whichever comes first), open everyday and closed on unspecific days.

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