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Bee Hwa Coffee Shop @ Lebuh Dickens, Penang

It is not bizarre to see a lot of Muslims and Indian patronize Bee Hwa Coffee Shop at Dickens Street, as this Chinese restaurant is operated by a Chinese and served halal food. All the food prepared here are without pork and beef, and cooking is made using vegetable oil.

With a variety of choices of meals to cater for people from different races, it may make one difficult to choose a desired meal, as all their names suggested nice delicate.

A plate of char koay teow (RM 6) that fried without lard oil, is definitely a healthier version. With the absence of lard oil, it does not have the usual char koay teow greasy feeling. A relative big portion of char koay teow as compared to others, it is served with crabsticks, fishballs and succulent prawns. Dripping with soy sauce imparted extra flavor to the char koay teow, and spice it up with the small chili provided is a good idea too.

Wan Than Mee Goreng (RM 6) is another great dish to have. This is our first times having fried version of wan than noodles. The noodles retained its excellent crispy texture with its original fragrance, and it was alike hardened type vermicelli. Garnishing with fried onions and scallions actually enhances the flavor of this simple wan than mee goreng.

The coffee shop has been featured in an article by The Star. A return visit to try out other dishes will definitely worth the trip.

Bee Hwa Coffee Shop
10, Lebuh Dickens, 10050, Georgetown, Penang
Operation hours: 7.00am-5.30pm (Monday  Friday); 7:00am - 3:30pm (Saturday), Closed on Sunday and public holiday
Landmark: Corner lot of the shop lots opposite Penang police headquarter at Penang Road.
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  1. Sharing my visit to Bee Hwa too... :-)