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Askme Burger @ Kompleks Bukit Gedung, Penang

Askme Burger, the non regular burger offering exotic patties such as deer and rabbit, also the common patties like lamb, chicken, fish and sausage. Tucked within a small Malay food complex at Bukit Gedung where we don't even realize the existence of it. The complex was a clean place with great ventilation for dine in. When we first entering the building, we were lured by heady aroma from Tom Yam and fried rice stalls, but we made ourself stay focus on Askme Burger. Their burger pricing from RM 1.20 to the max of RM 7.50, which is reasonable comparing to others which would go up until RM 10 at least.

Chicken Burger special (RM 5)

Lamb Burger Special (RM 5)
Their burger was more on the dry side, no messy dripping sauce falling out from the burger. However, we hardly can differentiate between chicken and lamb patty. In overall, we would rate their burger above average probably because we are more keen over saucy type.

A glass of Dinosaur size of glass could bring extra fun to your drink. This stall situated just in front of Askme Burger's stall, offering any drinks in the cup size of normal and Dinosaur.

Askme Burger
Bukit Gedung Food Court, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
+6016-401 9956
Operation hours: 5pm - 2am (Closed on Monday)

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