[HATYAI] 3 days 2 nights trip - Hatyai

For Penangites, Hatyai always the best country's border to cross for a short getaway on anytime. With the driving distance of approximately 218 km, one can easily take minivan or even drive themselves to Hatyai. It takes about 4 hours to arrive inclusion of the time spent at the Immigration counter. We purchased tickets a week before from the Bus Express counter at the ground floor of Prangin Mall, facing Komtar. It costed us RM 35/pax for one way. Good things is Hatyai is a small town where you can explore them by foot. If you are too tired to walk, no worry as their Tuk Tuk are easily spotted on the street.

For us, Thailand is a heaven for Thailand cuisine. We have our itinerary focusing on street food hunt and covering some of the must-go tourist spots. Tune Hotel is the pick of hotel during our stay due to its cleanliness and cheap price, most importantly their rooms are a lot spacious comparing to those we find in Malaysia. 

Our trip itinerary are as follows, we have described each places in different post so feel free to click on following links for a more detailed sharing:

Day 1
Arrive at Tune Hotel, we accepted the one day tour package inclusive of tour guide and Tuk Tuk to visit following touring spots.

Day 2
Morning & Noon: Kim Yong Market

Day 3
Depart back to Penang

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  1. Hi Shirleen, I'm planning a short trip to Hatyai soon. May I know how much is the tour price and whether we can book the tour on the spot that day? Thanks!

    1. Hi Scattie, first we inquired the random tuk tuk parked in front Tune Hotel on how much to bring us around the tourist spots for one day. Then,suddenly the tour guide across the street run to us and offered us the package to visit Municipal Park, Hatyai Park, Chang Puak Camp, Samila Beach, Khlong Hae Floating Market and Tiger Show for 1500 baht excluding entrance fees. Now, we recall and felt that we kind of been con. It is important to negotiate and making sure if the tour package offered including entrance fees or not. I believe finding a tour guide there shouldn't be difficult, and tuk tuk love we as tourist to visit these tourist spot.