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Fried Oyster (Oh Chien) @ Jelutong Post Office Hawker Centre, Penang

Of the sticky type fried oyster vastly available across Penang, the one offered by a modest stall beside Jelutong post office hawker center often echoed my taste buds and makes me linger about it.

Battered with a mixture of starch and egg, the gooey omelette with oysters was consistent in terms of texture.  The batter of starch was able to withhold the water molecules thus it was not watery, making it exceptionally good.

A generous quantity of succulent oysters was served and the pungent fishy smell of the oysters was minimal.  A small plate of chili and garlic is provided for customers who prefer flavor enhancement. For me, I would souse the oyster omelette with the whole plate of chili and garlic and sometimes I may request extra.

Fried Oyster @ Jelutong post office hawker centre
Lebuh Jelutong, 11600, Pulau Pinang.
Operation hours: 6:00pm – 11:00pm (Closed on Wednesday).
Location map refer here

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