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Empire Sushi @ 1st Avenue, Penang

Focus on offering variety choices of sushi, by practicing pick and pay service. They have been operating for a month and the queue has never stop during the weekend. Located just beside the escalator joining the 4th floor to the 8th. That spot used to be selling curry fish ball. We find their sushi luscious in overall but selling at a price cheaper than restaurant. Extra need to be paid if you need mayonnaise, soy sauce or wasabi. However, we were a little disappointed that chopsticks wasn't provided. A quick dine-in spaces is available at the side of the stall.

Updated March 3rd, 2017: Read on our visit at Gurney Plaza's outlet here.

We have opted for 6 types of sushi including Grilled Abalone, Inari Idako, Ebi roll, Spicy Idako and Aburi Salmon. Price ranging from RM 1.60 to RM 2.30 per piece, costing us a total of RM 20.40 expenditure. Their sushi is more on the bolder side in term of taste. They are scrumptious even though without the soy sauce. We find the amount of mayo could be a little bit overpowering, thus it is hard to tell whether their salmon and prawn are fresh or not. 

Long queue at the cashier counter during the weekend.
Packed sushi with name labeling queueing up to be collected.
Charges applied if you need wasabi, soyu and mayonnaise.

Empire Sushi @ 4th Floor of 1st Avenue Mall, Penang
4-06A, 1st Avenue Mall, 182, Jalan Magazine, Georgetown,  10300 Penang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 10am-10pm (Daily)
Shop landmark: Next to Shih Lin Taiwan Street Snack
Location map refer here.

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