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Chin Bee Tea Restaurant @ Noordin Street, Penang

For 5 years, Chin Bee has been focusing on serving the best quality of tea and delectable Chinese cuisine. Recently, they have back to operation after renovation. The shop located just one street away from 1st Avenue shopping mall, the Noordin Street. The seating decoration was simple with air conditioned. Their tea is always thoughtfully served with filter so that we will get the finest tea savoring experience. Not to forget, they have been a retailer and tea distributor for 26 years and it is still counting.

Chrysanthemum Tea (RM 2/pax), smooth with light and pure scent from the chrysanthemum bud, and a little bit of natural sweetness coming from the wolfberry.

We were very impressed by the interesting approach on how their French Bean with Egg 四季豆滑蛋 (RM 8) was cooked. It is as if we were enjoying half boiled egg with the bonus of french bean. The eggs was about 70% cooked where the silkiness texture of the egg remained and dosed in the pool of soy sauce. 

Fish Curry 咖喱鱼肉 (RM 30), came in generous amount of garoupa, fresh tomatoes and lady finger. Their home recipe curry was cooked for at least 4 hours which requires constant stirring. The gravy meets the balance of sour and spicy which acceptable by most patrons.

Fried Tofu 包你成功 (RM 8) is another noteworthy dish. It is rare to find fried tofu come with pickled ginger and pickled Allium Chinense. Tofu was spongy from the inside and crispy from the outside. It comes with appetizing sweet and sour chili sauce.

Soya milk dessert with white sugar and ornament with wolfberry.

Thoughtful kettle prepared beside every table for the ease of your tea refilling.

The chef behind the spectacular meal.

They has been published in a number of popular newspapers including Kwang Wah, Guang Ming, Orental Daily, New Straits Times and appeared as Best Food Outlet 2011.

Chin Bee Tea Restaurant 晋美茶餐馆
No 124, Noordin Street, Penang, Malaysia
+604-261 1761
Operation hours: 5pm- 9.30 pm (Closed on Tuesday)
Facebook refer here while location map refer here.

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