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Tom Yam @ Min Jiang Coffee Shop, Penang

Min Jiang Coffee Shop can be easily overlooked when passing by Air Itam Road during the night, as the over grown tree has block at least 50% of the sign board. However, I am sure you must have noticed the bright signage by O2 Clinic situated at the junction between Jalan Sempadan and Jalan Air Itam. The coffee shop just situated next to it. Here is where you can find another spicy seafood Tom Yam in Penang.

Tom Yam Mee Hun RM 12

3 options of seafood available, We have picked all of them including prawn, squid and fish. If you have used to enjoy Tom Yam with fried fillet, their poach fish would not give you the crispy pleasure that you are looking for. Their prawn was fresh and chewy, but the squid was rather lacking in flavour. We would suggest you just have fish and prawn is good enough. On the noodle side, we had mee hun instead of maggie. For non spicy eater, it is at your own risk because the soup really burning hot. 

Fish Mee Hun is another must try, not because the soup but their crispy fried fillet. The soup was bland and we have to boost it by throwing in all the chili. The fillet was miraculously crispy from the inside but sticky on the outside. Then, we came in a crazy idea, maybe next time we just order mee hun Tom Yam and fried fillet from respective stall? Nah..that would be rude.

Min Jiang Coffee Shop 閩江餐室
Jalan Air Itam, 11500 Air Itam, Penang
Operation hours: 7.30pm until finish (around 11.30pm), Closed on Sunday
Landmark: Next to O2 Clinic
Parking: Lorong Sempadan 6
Location map refer here.

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  1. Only 1 stall in this shop? :-)

    1. oh nope, there is others. Such as lok lok, nasi kandar.