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Soon Huat Restaurant @ Tambun, Penang

There are a lot of seafood restaurants along the road in Tambun, However for 3 flavors fish, Soon Huat Restaurant has done a fantastic job with reasonable price. It is located right opposite Cia Xiang Seafood Restaurant, the famous crab rice restaurant. A humble shop that one might easily missed.

3 flavors fish,  the combinations of sweet, sour and spicy. Generous amount of finely cut garlic, shallots and chili are added to the sauce. Spicy lovers definitely love having the sauce baste with rice. The fish, you may choose either have it fried or steam, but fried fish version certainly the best.

Another must order dish, clam with ginger and sour sauce come. It comes second after 3 flavors fish, The clam was quite fresh, we didn't find any fishy scent, most probably it was well covered by the sauce.

Sweet and sour mantis prawn was rather disappointing. The mantis prawn was acceptable but the flavor rather thin.

Sweet potato leaves was another disappointing dish. We find it too watery.

On another two separate visits, we had tried fried egg, gong bou chicken, squid curry, vinegar chicken and some vegetables. They weren't impressive enough. However, we would still come again for the 3 flavors fish and clam.

Restaurant Soon Huat
Jalan Paboi, 14200 Mukim 14. Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
+604-588 7203, +6012-485 5117
Operation hours:  
11am-5pm (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)
11am-4pm (Thursday)
11am-8pm (Weekend)
Closed on Monday.
Landmark: Opposite Cia Xiang Seafood Restaurant (Tambun Crab Rice)
Location map refer here.

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