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Tiger Char Koay Teow @ Carnavon Street, Penang

I began my day with treason. I betrayed my weight-loss ally by warming my appetite in the morning with this plate of heavy breakfast – Tiger Char Koay Teow (CKT) but I ain’t feeling guilty. It is unarguable one of the best CKT you could find in Penang, without having your emotion challenged by unscrupulous CKT owners which you may encounter in Penang J

The portion of the egg to the koay teow is nice with the koay teow is dampen with the gummy texture of the egg which blend perfectly onto the koay teow. I actually requested my CKT to be served with additional spiciness, and I felt that was better to my liking.

 On top of that, the crispy and juicy prawns are another worthiness of mention as it offers you the feeling of chewing grapes. Enhanced with the “wok hei” which the chef imparted, Tiger CKT is definitely worth the recommendation for trying. The CKT price ranging from RM 4.50 to RM 5.50.

Finger foods with Lobak, prawn fritters and popiah.

We added on toast and half boiled egg set to fill up our empty stomach while waiting for our Tiger CKT to arrive.

On separate visit, we only realize the coffee shop practicing no order of drink has to pay RM 0.40. Despite having stomach full of waters, we have to orders longan (RM 1.80). It came in weird taste, as if syrup was added into the the longan drinks. Thus, we requested for change, they just carry the drinks back and brought back the same. It was the worst and expensive longan drinks we have ever tasted. If you despise the practice of coffee shop implementing the no order of drink charges, I suggest we should just order the CKT and stand in front the shop to enjoy. 

Tiger Char Koay Teow can be found in Ping Hooi coffee shop, sitting in the renowned Carnovan Street in Georgetown. Parking may pose some challenges if you are not familiar with the back alleys; same applies to finding a place in the coffee shop as it offers limited seat.

Kafe Ping Hooi
Lebuh Carnarvon, Georgetown, 10450 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Operation hours: 8am-2.30pm (Daily)
Location map refer here.

~by Mystery Man~

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