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Pos Burger Jelutong @ Jalan Jelutong, Penang

I loved Mcdeluxe or Grilled Chicken Burgers (GCB) but I still cannot resist the temptation of “Pos Burger”.  “Pos Burger”, named after a burger hut beside a post office, undeniably is one of the best street burgers you could find in Penang.

Looking at the menu, you may have to crack your head to decide the deal to give your gastric acid to digest. They have beef, chicken, lamb, and even fish burgers! Then you could choose whether you want to have your burgers with egg or cheese, or combination of both. For my case, I always go for combination of egg and cheese. The chef wrapping techniques of the egg to cover the burger meat gives the maximum taste pleasure whilst the simple cheese which is half melted that ought to give a delight to your tongue via its smoothness and fragrance.

Their Baby Special burger (RM 3.50) will not just stop with a piece of meat, egg and cheese. The chef will brim it with a great mixture of mayonnaise, chili sauce, onions, salads and some pepper powder to spice it up. The ratios of ingredients were nicely calibrated and yield a nice taste. Those who find it hard to tolerate onions or chili, just tell the friendly chef and he will make the adjustment for you.

Revisit on February 14th, 2015, although we cant resist the Baby Special, but we still wanted try out others by ordering Hot Dog Special (RM 3.50) as extra. The running sauce and generous amount of salads as enticing as baby special. However, we thought the patty scores more than their hotdog.

The stall is open till 2am, or sometime even later to serve the hungry homosapiens who crave for burger at midnight.

Pos Burger Jelutong
Jalan Jelutong, 11600 Jelutong, Penang, Malaysia
+019-544 8986
Operation hours: Evening until 2am (Closed on Tuesday)
Landmark: Opposite Pos Office Jelutong 
Location map refer here.

~by Mystery Man~

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