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Two Two Ice 杜杜冰 @ Bukit Mertajam, Penang

The legendary Two Two Ice from Bukit Mertajam situated at the parking space next to Permatang Tinggi Pasar Awam, definitely one of the kind of drink that you would never expected. My eyes stay wide open on my first sip of their two two ice. How could nestum cereal be so great?! Tauke was so nice and advice us to come around 4/5 pm  on our next time to skip the queue as 2/3 pm is their peak hour.

Generous amount of nestum cereal in this cup of Two Two Ice (RM 3), so it could be quite stuffy for one to finish on his own. The robust taste stay till the last sip. .

Sa Bi 三味 (RM 3), another must try thirst quenching drink with the combination of Milo, white and black coffee. The coffee scent is so strong that got me thinking their hot coffee must be great too.

Laksa (RM 3.50)

Two Two Ice
Landmark: Permatang Tinggi Pasar Awam
Operation hours: 2pm-6pm (Daily)
Location map refer here.


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