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Hon Kei Food Corner @ Lorong Kampung Malabar, Penang

Hon Kei was a surprise discovery when we were driving around Georgetown unesco area to discover what are the food available when it was close to midnight. We happened to notice this food corner was crowded with patrons and then we decided to stop by. Some of you may have tried this at Ho Ping Coffee Shop. Menu was simple with the option of noodles and porridge, then pick your favorite part of pork.

Porridge with minced pork, tripe and intestine (RM 7.80). Glad they serve us with spoonful of chili which is the crucial touch up for flavorful porridge to my liking. By looking at the golden broth in this bowl of porridge, you can tell the porridge was thick in flavor.

For noodles, you may choose from vermicelli, thick noodle, think noodle or mix. Ya, penangite love noodles to be a mix of thick and thin noodle. We opted for thick noodle instead with the same ingredients again. The broth didn't disappointed us though.

Loh Bak, prawn fritters and fried yam for RM 3.40.

Mixed drinks (RM 3.60), the combination of tea and coffee.

Hon Kei Food Corner
45 Kampung Malabar, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Operation hours: 9am-3pm & 5pm-12am (Closed on Thursday)
Location map refer here.


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